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Pregnancy & Parenting Tips

  • 10 Tips for Choosing Baby’s Name
    October 26, 2021

    10 Tips for Choosing Baby’s Name

    Choosing a name for your baby is one of the more pleasurable tasks of becoming a parent. As you and hubby comb through books and websites, here’s a checklist to narrow it down: 1. How will the name sound with...

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  • Believe it or not
    October 25, 2021

    Believe it or not

    You’ve probably been given all sorts of advice from well-meaning relatives and friends, some of them steeped in superstitions. Here are 10 pregnancy taboos from the Chinese, Malay and Indian communities that you may or may not have heard! 1....

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  • 6 Reasons Babies Cry and How to Soothe Them
    October 24, 2021

    6 Reasons Babies Cry and How to Soothe Them

    It can be tough listening to a crying baby. Take a deep breath – and check out these common causes for baby’s cries and how to manage them. 1. I’m Crying Because I Feel Uncomfortable Recommendations -Change diaper if it is...

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  • Tips for Treating Diaper Rash
    October 19, 2021

    Tips for Treating Diaper Rash

    Most infants get diaper rash at least once in the first year of their life. While it may not be possible to prevent it occurrence completely, there are ways to minimise it. Here are tips for preventing and treating it:...

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  • 7 Tools of the Trade
    October 18, 2021

    7 Tools of the Trade

    Here are some breastfeeding accessories to help you with breastfeeding.  1. Breast pumps Used to establish and maintain milk supply, and clear blocked ducts. Available as manual, battery-operated and electric pumps.  Needed when: -Breasts are engorged -Baby can’t breastfeed because...

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  • Is it a Boy or Girl? Look at my Bump!
    October 9, 2021

    Is it a Boy or Girl? Look at my Bump!

    By now, you’ve probably had or a relative predict the gender of your baby by looking at your appearance or belly. Chinese folklore has it that if the mum-to-be looks prettier during pregnancy than she did before, she must be...

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  • Sleep Matters
    October 8, 2021

    Sleep Matters

    Sleep is important for your baby. Understand his sleeping pattern and what you can do to get him to sleep through the night How much infants sleep as they develop: - Newborns: 15 to 20 hours a day (eight at...

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  • What’s Your Parenting Style
    October 6, 2021

    What’s Your Parenting Style

    Take this quiz and find out! 1. The World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding your child for at least six months. You: a. Breastfeed your child for exactly six months. b. Plan to breastfeed him for as long as he wants...

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  • 7 Steps to Planning a first month party
    September 30, 2021

    7 Steps to Planning a first month party

    It’s a Chinese tradition to celebrate the first month of a newborn baby with a party, also known as Man Yue. Take the hassle out of planning with these practical tips: 1. Set a date for the party This would be...

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