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Sleep Matters

Sleep Matters

Sleep is important for your baby. Understand his sleeping pattern and what you can do to get him to sleep through the night

How much infants sleep as they develop:

- Newborns: 15 to 20 hours a day (eight at night, seven in the day)

- Three months: 15 hours (10 at night, five in the day)

- Six to 12 months: 14 hours (11 at night, three in the day)

- 18 months to 2 years: 13 hours (11 at night, two in the day)

Sleep training your child:

- When to do it: Between four to six months. Some may not be ready until they are older.

- Best Position: Put him on his back or on his side. Don’t place him on his stomach as this has been found to cause SIDS (Sudden Death Syndrome). 

Sleep training options:

There are a few ways to teach your child healthy sleep habits:

1. The Cry it Out method

Put your baby to bed while he’s still awake and allow short periods of crying punctuated by comforting (but not picking up) your child. This will help your child learn to soothe himself.

2. The No Tears method

This advocates soothing your baby to sleep and offering comfort right away when your baby cries. This is a gradual approach that is less traumatic for your child.

3. The Fading Method

Parents sit near the baby until he falls asleep and gradually move the chair further away from the cot each night. Another way is to check on the baby and reassure him (without picking him up) every five minutes until he falls asleep.

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