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Pipper Standard Pets Pipper Standard for Pets Pipper Standard Fur Pipper Standard Organic
Pipper Standard Pets Pipper Standard for Pets Pipper Standard Fur Pipper Standard Organic

Healthy Homes for Happy Families – Including the Furry Ones!

Stay Confident and Safe

Naturally safe for pets and everyone at home.

Natural Floor Cleaner

Our eco-friendly and hypoallergenic–tested Natural Floor Cleaner contains no toxins and harmful chemicals.

Keep Clean for Your Little Boss

By choosing safe and natural products.

Why Families Choose Pipper Standard

After using this for awhile, I realised that my dog scratches less & it smells nice too.

SG Tan
Pipper Standard Floor Cleaner Lavender 800ml

Perfect cleaning set!

We have pets and a toddler at home and this is super mild and helpful with cleaning around the house. Love that it's all natural! Will order the carton sets next time. Thank you, Bove


Pipper Standard Kit

Pipper Standard's Certifications

Introducing Pipper Standard's Pet Floor Cleaner

The ideal solution for pet-friendly homes! Our specially formulated cleaner is designed to tackle the unique challenges that come with pet ownership. Say goodbye to unwanted odors, stains from urine and feces, and harmful bacteria, all in one easy step.

We understand that when you have cats or dogs in your home, their health and safety are top priorities. Have you ever noticed that sometimes, after cleaning the floor, your furry friends experience itching or skin discomfort? This might be due to the residue left behind by chemical-laden floor cleaners, leading to skin irritations, dryness, rashes, and even hair loss.

To ensure the well-being of your pets and create a safe environment, it's crucial to choose a floor cleaner that's gentle and free from harmful chemicals. Our organic floor cleaner from Pipper Standard is the perfect choice for households with dogs, cats, rabbits, and various other pets. It's formulated to be safe, non-irritating, and suitable for all animals.

Pipper Standard's Organic Floor Cleanerfeatures natural ingredients, including pineapple extract, making it effective on various surfaces. With the soothing aroma of lavender essential oil, it not only cleans but also creates a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Make the switch to Pipper Standard's pet-friendly, organic floor cleaner today, and provide a clean and safe space for both you and your beloved pets. Say goodbye to harmful residues and hello to a happier, healthier home environment. Choose the best for your pets; choose Pipper Standard.