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Free local shipping on orders $80 and up
Free local shipping on orders $80 and up

Sign up for Bove Rewards and Get 500 Bove Hearts

Welcome to Bove, Singapore's top one-stop shop for baby essentials, maternity clothes, nursing essentials, and more.

Be a part of the Bove family by signing up to our exclusive parenting community!
Sign up for free and receive 500 complimentary Bove Hearts  — use your Bove Hearts to redeem  Bove vouchers (online or store). Enjoy member-exclusive benefits such as:

✔️ First-access to sale events, special members-only rates, product samples, freebies, and more
✔️ Birthday week: 2x points (3 days before and 3 days after your birthday)
✔️ 500 bonus points on sign up
✔️ 10 points for every $1 spent in-store or online via
✔️ Earn points for shopping online or at our store
✔️ Exchange your points for rewards or vouchers (online or in-store)
✔️ Receive exclusive promos and offers
✔️ Track and redeem Bove points on Bove app

How to Sign Up for Bove Rewards
1. Download Bove app from Apple Store or Google Play Store: 
2. Open Bove app, go to "Account" tab (bottom right) and sign in your email address.
3. Complete your personal particulars to activate your Bove Rewards.
4. Simply make your purchase via the Bove app in-store, or online and earn 10 Bove Hearts for every dollar spent (equivalent to 2.5% cashback!)
5. Use the Bove app to redeem your Bove Hearts for Bove vouchers (online or store).  
6. Bove hearts are valid for voucher redemption for 12 months from date of purchase. Expired Bove hearts cannot be used for voucher redemption after 31 Aug 2020.
7. By signing up for the Bove Rewards programme, you agree to receive from us emails and SMS regarding our store promotions or related affiliate campaigns. You may choose to unsubscribe anytime using the Unsubscribe button in the emails or inform us at 
8. Happy Shopping! 

You can accumulate your Bove Hearts when you shop online or in-store

1. How to redeem?
2. When does my Bove Hearts expire?
All Bove Hearts have a 12-month validity from the date of purchase
ie. If you've made a purchase on 16/12/2022, your points will expire on 15/12/2023.
3. When does my redeemed voucher expire?
All vouchers have a 3-month validity.
eg If you've redeemed the voucher on 16/12/2022, your voucher will expire on 15/3/2023.
Should you have further queries, kindly WhatsApp at +65 868 60778.