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Protecting Your Home, Your Family, and Your Pets with Pipper Standard


We make natural cleaning products that are effective and safe for your home, because all good things start there.

Healthy Homes for Happy Families

Our products are more than just about cleaning your house and doing your laundry. They’re about love – simple, honest love for our home and yours.

Cleaning and Beyond

Using natural products that are safe for your skin does more than keep skin rashes and eczema away.

Why Families Choose Pipper Standard

My dog scratches less.

After using this for awhile, i realised that my dog scratches less & it smells nice too.


Pipper Standard Floor Cleaner Lavender 800ml

First time trying. Bought this to wash my dog's toys and bedsheets 😊


Nice Product
Good buy as it really helps to remove yellow stain from shirt. Thanks you seller and will buy again


Repeat Buy


Good for sensitive skin

Very good and skin friendly.


Pipper Standard Dish Washing Liquid Citrus 900ml

Great products that are gentle on my skin.
I love the fragrance of the washing liquid and detergents.


Pipper Standard Trial Pack

Perfect cleaning set!

We have pets and a toddler at home and this is super mild and helpful with cleaning around the house. Love that it's all natural! Will order the carton sets next time. Thank you, Bove


Pipper Standard Kit

Good product, Quality Packaging, Ease of transaction.

Switching to Bove was due to fact that my family needed a laundry detergent that would not cause skin irritations. So far all the laundry washed with Pipper not only solved this issue but it has a pleasant scent. I hope Bove will have a 4.5L version with the Eucalyptus scent.

Luke Tang

Pipper Standard Laundry Detergent Lemongrass 4.5L

Our Certifications

About Pipper Standard

Welcome to Pipper Standard – Your Home's Natural Cleaning Companion!

Discover a world where cleanliness and wellness harmonize. At Pipper Standard, we're on a mission to transform your home into a haven of health and purity. Our natural cleaning products are expertly crafted to keep your living spaces spotless, safe, and environmentally responsible.

Natural Cleaning Power
Harnessing the incredible cleaning potential of pineapples through fermentation technology, our products clean just as effectively as chemical alternatives without any of the harmful ingredients.

Safety and Sensitivity
Our commitment to natural ingredients means our products are gentle on your skin and safe for your home. We eliminate known allergens and avoid skin irritants like parabens and isoth. Plus, they're safe for babies, so your little ones can roam freely in a clean environment.

Sustainable Living
We proudly source our key ingredient from local pineapple farms in Thailand, supporting sustainable agriculture and livelihoods. Our dedication to nature and technology ensures that our products are not only effective but also eco-friendly.

Monthly Savings
Don't miss out on our monthly sales, where you can enjoy incredible discounts and offers on our natural cleaning solutions. It's your chance to embrace a cleaner, healthier home without breaking the bank.

Welcome to a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future with Pipper Standard. Clean the natural way – because health begins at home.