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Pipper Standard

Pipper Standard

Rooted in our globally patented pineapple fermentation process, Pipper Standard laundry detergents are a powerful, natural, and safe alternative to chemical cleaning products in the market. Our patented pineapple fermentation process yields powerful, natural enzymes, biosurfactants, and organic acids which act synergistically with other natural ingredients to produce a natural cleaning efficacy comparable to chemical cleaners.

Pipper Standard laundry detergents are certified hypoallergenic and non-irritation by Dermscan Asia after clinical trials, free on any known allergens, and are certified to biodegrade more than 90% in one month. Pipper Standard is suitable for both machine and hand washing, and clothes can be dried indoors or at night without any moldy or musty smells.

Pipper Standard is suitable for all fabric types, including high-performance athletic ware, is wholly safe to use on infants clothing and bedsheets, and is safe to use for those with sensitive skin.