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Survival Guide for The Expectant Dad

Survival Guide for The Expectant Dad

Hubbies can often feel left out in a pregnancy. Yet your wife is feeling especially vulnerable and needs your support more than ever. Here are some practical ways you can get involved:

Pregnancy Test:

- Be the one to purchase the pregnancy kit and do the test together. Experiencing the joy of finding out  together is the best start.

Prenatal Appointment:

- Accompany her to prenatal appointments. You will get the chance to speak to the doctor personally and share in the joy of tracking your baby’s foetal development.

Make Her Comfortable:

- Buy your wife what she wants to eat. Get her something light in the morning if she feels nauseous or has no appetite. If she craves something unhealthy, why not suggest a healthier alternative.

- Help around the house, especially with the heavier and more tiring chores.

Keep a Healthy Regimen:

- Adopt a healthy and nutritious diet together and remind your wife to take her daily supplements as recommended by her doctor.

- Help her break bad or harmful habits that will affect baby, such as consuming caffeine, smoking and alcohol.

Be Her Confidante:

- Listen attentively to her complaints and worries.


-Understand that she is going through many changes and may not be in the mood for sex. If you are feeling sexually constrained, talk to her openly about it. Show your love in other ways. 


Joint Decisions:

- Discuss birth plans and pain relief options together

- Attend antenatal classes together. This will help you understand more about how to care for mum and baby. You will also learn about signs of labour and how to help your wife through labour and delivery which will come in handy when the day arrives.

- Make decisions about naming the baby and shopping for the nursery together.

Bond with Baby:

- Start bonding with your unborn child. Talk to him and feel him kicking.

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