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10 Tips for Choosing Baby’s Name

10 Tips for Choosing Baby’s Name

Choosing a name for your baby is one of the more pleasurable tasks of becoming a parent. As you and hubby comb through books and websites, here’s a checklist to narrow it down:

1. How will the name sound with his surname?

Avoid choosing a first name that rhymes with the surname eg. Holly Wood

2. What do the full name’s initials spell out?

Naming your son Andrew Sebastian Soh may lead to an unfortunate nickname in school. 

3. Do you like the shortened version of the name?

Do you mind Edward being called Ed or Alison, Ally? 

4. Is the name trendy?

You may prefer not to choose a name on the top 10 list as you’ll probably have five boys turning around if you call your son at the school gate!

5. Does the name have a nice meaning?

You might to research this.

6. Is it too similar or problematic when paired with those of your older children?

Try saying baby’s potential name with your older children’s name and hear how it sounds. 

7. Can you imagine your baby as an adult with this name?

Imagine your baby in a professional situation. A name that suits a tiny baby like Happy or Bunny will be ridiculous when your child is an adult. 

8. Will other people be able to spell or pronounce your baby’s name?

Test your name choice on friends and family. If people don’t spell or pronounce it the way you prefer, you may want to rethink it.

9. Does your baby suit the name?

Wait to get to know your little one to see if the moniker fits his looks and personality.

10. Do you both love the name?

Find common ground by making a list of your favourite names. Then see if there are any that appear on both your lists. 

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