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Believe it or not

Believe it or not

You’ve probably been given all sorts of advice from well-meaning relatives and friends, some of them steeped in superstitions. Here are 10 pregnancy taboos from the Chinese, Malay and Indian communities that you may or may not have heard!

1. Gazing at photographs and pictures of beautiful babies and beautiful things will result in good-looking children. (Chinese, Indian)

2. Expectant women are forbidden from attending funerals.(Chinese, Indian) Indian women are also disallowed from visiting the sick, presumably to avoid germs that will harm the foetus.

3. You can put a knife under the bed to protect your baby from evil or malicious intent.(Chinese)

4. You shouldn’t tell others you are pregnant in the first three months or you may risk losing the baby.(Chinese, Indian)

5. Avoid hammering or knocking things beside pregnant women; it will result in a scar on baby’s face. (Chinese)

6. Doing needlework or using scissors around the bed could cause the baby to be ugly or give it a cleft lip. (Chinese) Indians, too, believe that you should avoid using the scissors while pregnant or your child could be born with a cleft lip.

7. Pregnant women should not kill animals either accidentally or intentionally because their child may take on the features of the animal.(Malay)

8. During an eclipse, pregnant women should remain indoors or their baby will be born with a cleft lip or other deformity. (Indian)

9. According to feng shui, pregnant women should not sit facing the sharp point of a rectangle or square table.

10. You shouldn’t buy anything for your baby before the birth. (Indian)

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