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7 Steps to Planning a first month party

7 Steps to Planning a first month party

It’s a Chinese tradition to celebrate the first month of a newborn baby with a party, also known as Man Yue. Take the hassle out of planning with these practical tips:

1. Set a date for the party

This would be exactly one month after the baby’s birth date or 30 days from his date of birth. Parents or grandparents may wish to mark the occasion on an auspicious date. Typically, the celebration would be  on or before the birthday.

2. Come up with a guest list

Usually, for a personal event like this, one would invite relatives and close friends. It’s easier to cope with people who know you well.

3. Scout for a venue

Once you have an estimated number of guests, look for venues. You can have a cosy affair at home or a grander one at a hotel or restaurant if you have the budget.

4. Send out invitations

Traditional families will want to send symbolic gifts like red eggs and a box of ang ku kueh (tortoise cakes) personally to the senior members of the family while others can be invited in a more informal way via text messages or email.

5. Plan the menu

Consider your guests’ food preferences. Venues like cafes, restaurants or hotel function rooms come with catered food options. Must-have items are red eggs and ang ku kueh, symbolising good luck and long life.

6. Plan the activities

It may be a simple one of welcoming guests, having food, cutting the cake and mingling. Or you might want to splurge on a photo booth corner or get a balloon sculptor if you are having families with children among your guests.

7. Door Gifts

If you have the budget, give a ‘full month package’ to your guests when they leave. Besides food items, some couples personalise the box with their baby’s photo and information about him. Older relatives, however, may prefer traditional auspicious food gifts.

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