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Tips for Dealing with Colic

Tips for Dealing with Colic

Has your baby been crying all afternoon and is his crying different from usual? He is probably suffering from colic. Here are some ways to calm your infant if he is afflicted with this problem.

1. Use movement to calm him.  Try holding him in different positions while carrying him around.

2. Sit and rock him or lay your baby’s tummy down on your knees and sway your knees slowly.

3. Babies like rhythmic movements so taking him out for a walk or even a drive in the car may help.

4. Rhythmic noises may help too. The sound of the vacuum cleaner, washing machine or tumble dryer may soothe him.

5. Distract him by allowing him to suck, either on a sterilised dummy (pacifier) or on your clean finger. He may root as if he needs feeding but if you know he’s not hungry, more food will only make the problem worse.

6. Give him Gripe water or colic drops from the pharmacist.

7. If you are breastfeeding, the food you eat may cause abdominal bloatedness in baby and therefore colic. Avoid eating cabbage, long beans, French beans, garlic, spicy foods and carbonated drinks.

Support for the Mother

1. Take a break from caregiving by requesting help from your spouse or family.

2. It is normal to feel helpless, depressed or angry. Confide in your spouse or a friend.

3. Remember the situation is temporary and will improve as baby grows older.

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