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7 Tools of the Trade

7 Tools of the Trade

Here are some breastfeeding accessories to help you with breastfeeding. 

1. Breast pumps

Used to establish and maintain milk supply, and clear blocked ducts. Available as manual, battery-operated and electric pumps. 

Needed when:

-Breasts are engorged

-Baby can’t breastfeed because of sickness or prematurity

-An inverted nipple has to be drawn out before a feed

-Mother and baby are separated (during work hours, for eg)

2. Nipple shields

To protect the nipple and minimise pain when feeding. 

Needed when:

-Nipples are sore and cracked

-Nipples are inverted or flat

-To prevent baby from gulping

3. Breast pads

Available in washable or disposable types. They stop leaks and wet patches between feeds.

4. Niplette/nipple puller

To help draw out inverted nipples in preparation for breastfeeding. Consult a nurse or doctor about using this before delivery so you can breastfeed baby successfully.

5. Nursing bras

Buy them in your eighth month. Get one that is slightly bigger than your usual bra size as your breasts will be fuller once you’re breastfeeding. When pregnant, your ribcage expands slightly and will return to normal after birth so make sure there is enough room to tighten the back strap. Bras with natural fibres are more comfortable in our tropical climate.

6. Nipple creams

Used to treat sore, cracked or bleeding nipples.

7. Milk bags

They are used to store breast milk. These can be kept in the fridge for up to 48 hours or in the freezer for up to three months. To thaw, place in a bowl of warm water. Do not use the microwave to thaw.

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