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Getting Back in Shape

Getting Back in Shape

Now that you’ve given birth, you’ll be eager to regain your pre-baby figure. Don’t be in a hurry. Give your body time to recover before you start building it up


Before you start:

- Check with your doctor at your postpartum checkup (six weeks after giving birth) whether you can start an exercise programme.

- A ‘Rec Test’ to check if there is stomach separation before starting your postnatal workout.

- Ask your doctor before using traditional Indonesian wraps or going on postnatal treatments.

Exercise Safely:

- Walk as soon as you feel up to it. Start with a 10-minute walk in the park or on the treadmill and work your way up gradually.

- Use light wrist or ankle weights to improve muscle tone. Don’t overdo it or your breastmilk supply may run low.

- Be extra cautious about resuming abdominal exercises or starting an exercise regimen if you’ve undergone a C-section.

- If you’ve had a vaginal delivery, follow these ground rules:

1. Start each exercise session with a warm-up

2. Begin with short sessions, slowly building up to longer sessions as your body recovers

3. Take short breaks between exercises; exercise slowly and don’t overdo it

Must-do Exercises:

- Watch your posture and do gentle abdominal exercises.

- Modified abdominal work, plank, kegels and pelvic tilt exercises to strengthen the lower abs and pelvic floor.

Exercising while Breastfeeding:

- Breastfeed beyond six months. You’ll start to lose weight easily, naturally and gradually.

- Drink plenty of fluids especially if you’re breastfeeding.


- Jump into a workout routine right away.

- Go on a strict diet right away. 

- Exercise more than recommended, even if you feel you can.

- Do knee-chest exercises, full sit-ups or double leg lifts during the six-week post-partum period

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