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Your Baby’s Growth – What’s Happening in the 2nd trimester

Your Baby’s Growth – What’s Happening in the 2nd trimester

Your baby’s body is growing rapidly, but in a calmer way.

Week 15

Your darling is the size of an apple and looks more like the baby of your dreams.

Week 16

Tiny bones in his ears are in place, making it possible for him to hear you. His eyes are finally working and he can perceive light even though his eyelids are closed.

Week 17

As baby doubles in weight, your appetite returns and you are able to enjoy food again after three months of queasiness. Don’t go overboard, it’s still better to graze than gorge!

Week 18

You may start to feel a flutter of movement in the womb called “quickening”. His reflexes are kicking in – he has learnt to yawn and hiccup and you may be able to feel it soon.

Week 19

A skin covering called vernix caseosa forms to protect baby’s skin from amniotic fluid while leg cramps keep you up at night. Straighten your leg and gently flex your ankles and toes.

Week 20

Boy or girl? A routine ultrasound can give you the answer.

Week 21

Body parts, tissues and organs mature. The length of a carrot, he’s practising his swallowing and digesting skills and can taste your food. 

Week 22

Eyelids and fingernails are fully formed. Your baby is the size of a papaya and you would have felt his first few movements as slight twitches, punches, a hunger pang or gas! 

Week 23

Your baby’s brain is growing rapidly and his hearing is well-developed. Eyebrows and eyelashes continue developing and lips become more distinct. Now, baby’s heartbeat is loud enough to be heard through a stethoscope!

Week 24

Your belly button may be popping now and the slight flutters you felt last week will strengthen to full-blown punching, kicking, rolling and twisting. His lung cells secrete surfactant, so he can take in air when he’s born. If he were born now, he might be able to survive if placed in a neonatal unit.

Week 25

Your baby is about the size of a small bag of sugar. His skin is covered with fine hair or lanugo that helps keep his body at the right temperature. Tastebuds continue forming. If he were born now, he would make an attempt to breathe.

Week 26

His face and body now look like that of the baby you imagined and your bulge begins to look more like the beginnings of a pregnant belly.

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