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Your Baby’s Growth – What Happens in the 3rd Trimester

Your Baby’s Growth – What Happens in the 3rd Trimester

You are almost there. Get ready to welcome your little one into the world.

Week 27

Your baby may be able to recognise both yours and your husband’s voices. Nice to know as you both coo at him and sing him lullabies.

Week 28

While you dream of your little one, he, too, can start dreaming. 

Week 29

His thin skin is being replaced by fat layers to keep him warm and cosy. You should feel a twitch in your rib cage as he moves into the head-down position to prepare for birth. 

Week 30

As his brain grows bigger (and smarter), your tummy is keeping pace, and you may have difficulty looking down at your feet! 

Week 31

Baby’s lungs are fully matured but you may gasp for breath as he presses against your uterus.

Week 32

Baby is passing water from its bladder; in preparation for urination. He is also resting – and so should you.

Week 33

An important milestone: Your baby has his own immune system to protect him from infections outside the womb. Your vision may be blurry, but this will pass.

Week 34

If you’re having a boy, his testicles descend into the scrotum. Your baby will weigh just over 2kg and measure about 35cm.

Week 35

From now until week 40, your baby will drop into the pelvic cavity, putting pressure on your bladder and causing leaking urine. There’s a good chance of survival for babies born during this week.

Week 36

His brain has been developing rapidly and he is practising blinking while you practise the penguin waddle.

Week 37

Baby is getting rounder and less wrinkly. Your doctor may check for labour signs while baby prepares for birth by turning in the womb.

Week 38

Baby’s growth is slowing, but fat cells get plumper. He is producing more surfactant to help take his first breaths as you produce more colostrum to prepare to feed him.

Week 39

The lanugo and vernix caseosa fall out although some may remain at birth. Your baby is full-term and you may start to experience signs of labour.

Week 40

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! You’re at the official end of your pregnancy. Look forward to cuddling your little one and saying hello to him – remember, he can recognise both your and your husband’s voices.

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