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Your Baby’s Growth: What’s happening in the 1st trimester

Your Baby’s Growth: What’s happening in the 1st trimester

The first trimester is a period of rapid growth for baby. Be amazed as you follow his development, week-by-week.

Week One and Two

Your body is gearing itself for ovulation and preparing for fertilisation.

Week Three

Pregnancy happens this week when your husband’s sperm meets your egg in your fallopian tube. 

Week Four

You’ll have a missed period by the end of this week.

Week Five

Even though your baby (embryo) is only the size of a sesame seed, his heart and circulatory system are beginning to take shape. The presence of pregnancy hormones allow you to confirm your pregnancy with a home pregnancy test. 

Week Six

As you rush to throw up your brekkie, your baby’s head, tail and arm buds are becoming recognisable and limb buds are present. To combat morning sickness, eat often but a little at time.

Week Seven

Even though your baby is only the size of a small blueberry, your breasts may be the size of melons! Already, baby’s heart is completely formed and so are his kidneys. 

Week Eight

Baby is starting to look less reptilian and more baby-like. Even though his hands and feet are webbed, his teeny fingers and toes are starting to differentiate. Smile as you think of his upper lip and cute button nose taking shape.

Week Nine

You may catch his first movements on an ultrasound, although it’s too early for you to feel them just yet.

Week Ten

Your baby is roughly the size of a kumquat. As cartilage replaces his bones, blue veins appear across your breasts and tummy.

Week Eleven

Your little alien is starting to look more human even though your tummy isn’t showing yet. Hands and feet have individual fingers and toes, hair follicles are forming on the crown and his torso is straightening and lengthening. All this growth may be tiring you. Keep your energy levels up with healthy snacks.

Week Twelve

Lungs are completely formed although he’s not ready to breathe on his own yet.

Week Thirteen

Fingers, feet and fingernails appear. Vocal cords are also developing, although you won’t be able to hear any cries or sounds just yet.

Week Fourteen

As his ears move from the neck to the head and you move into the 2nd trimester, many of your first-trimester symptoms should be easing and you’ll start feeling more human.

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