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Happy Shopping

Happy Shopping

Buying clothes for your baby is exciting. You’ll find it hard to resist those cute little booties and onesies. Before you splurge yourself silly, have a look at the basics you’ll need for your infant in the first six weeks. Have fun!


- Three or four side-tying or side-button shirts for use before the cord drops.

- Six to eight one-piece bodysuits that snap-close at the crotch. 

- Six to eight full sleeping suits or pyjamas.

- Five to seven leggings or pull-on pants. Separates allow you to change one piece of dirty clothing without assembling a whole new outfit.

- Two to three pairs of mittens and booties or socks to keep baby warm and prevent him from scratching himself.

- One cap or hat to protect him from the sun’s rays.

- A jacket or sweater that buttons down the front for rainy weather or air-conditioned hospital waiting rooms.

Tips for dressing your newborn

- Avoid clothes that wrap around your baby’s neck too tightly and those that have cords or ties.

- When dressing your infant, make the clothes fit your baby and not the other way around. eg. Open snaps and stretch necks wide so you can ease your baby’s head through them. Reach through sleeves and legs first to help guide his hands and feet.

- It’s often easiest to dress your infant on the changing table or floor.

- Use this time to bond with baby.

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