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10 Ways to Stay Calm During Your Pregnancy

10 Ways to Stay Calm During Your Pregnancy

It’s normal to feel anxious and worried when you’re pregnant. After all, pregnancy brings about so many changes. But continual, all-consuming stress may affect your baby’s emotional development. It can also increase your odds of preterm labour or of delivering a low birthweight baby.

Ways to reduce stress

1.Listen to your body. If you’re exhausted, go to bed early.

2.Talk to your partner. You may find he has similar concerns and communicating openly can help both of you feel better. 

3.Seek out other mums-to-be. Share your concerns, a problem shared is a problem halved.

4.Eat well. Eat nuts and seeds, fish, chicken, yoghurt and cheese. These contain tryptophan which is said to boost feelings of well-being.

5.Exercise. Gentle exercise can improve your mood.

6.Prepare for birth. Learn about what happens during labour by signing up for antenatal classes.

7.Try complementary therapies. Massage is a great way to de-stress. You can also join a prenatal yoga class or take meditation classes online. 

8.Limit information overload. Reading about pregnancy is fine but don’t delve into scary details that freak you out. 

9.Talk to your doctor. If you have specific concerns about your baby’s health, share them with your obgyn.

10.Slow down. Don’t take on too much responsibility. Ask your friends and family for help.

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