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You're the best thing that happened to us ... Larissa

I can't deny but this is unplanned! Worst of all, I'm 21 only & I'm not married at that point of time. Definitely not a mum-to-be even though I have high mother instinct and I love kids. When I missed my period for 7 days, my sixth sense tells me something is not right & I went to purchase a ridiculous expensive pregnancy kit for better accuracy to try and BINGO double lines/positive. I'm pregnant and even I bought lottery also no such luck.

Breaking news to my partner, his response wasn't that great to me that point of time ( You know pregnancy hormones is CRAZY!) BUT he respects my decision. I've no idea why BUT I have this strong feeling and insisted no matter what or how hard our life can be after pregnancy I want to keep this child of ours. So we picked a date to ROM, a simple photo shoot & choose our ideal rings even though it's as simple as it sounds but we went through a lot of troubles especially both side parents, traditional, crazy pregnancy hormones & bla bla bla.

The entire pregnancy journey is not that smooth sailing! During the second trimester, I've suffered from a very bad pelvic pain and it required complete bed rest because I barely able to walk due to the pain from lower back, butt and either side of my legs. During last trimester about week 29/30, I have fallen down at my workplace and rush to KKH for CTG monitoring and was told that there's a sign of contraction might pre-term labour.  My heart sinks down, was super worried and call my husband told him what the doctor has said and he rushes down. Glad that everything is fine after a couple of bed rest at home! 
The regular heart burn, sleepless nights, lost of appetite, crazy dramatic pregnancy hormones, random craving especially sweet stuff, pelvis pain, water retention, nausea and many uncomfortable pregnancy signs and symptoms every single day during the last trimester.
Went for my regular check up on week 37-38, gyn told me that my baby fluid level is low and anything that is below 5 is dangerous need to be induce immediately. See me on Wednesday and do a scan to check on the baby fluid level again. As usual, with the hormones, i break down crying and thinking what if this and that. Baby lack of fluid and not doing good to her etc ? What if induce and failed then follow by a emergency C-section it charge both sides = More $$$. I toward pro-natural, and really do not want a C-section. So when home and discuss with Husband so we come to this conclusion regardless of the fluid result on wednesday we just go for induction on 28th May.

Admitted to TMC on a mid night 28th May, was told to change and after that my gyn came down did a check on my cervix still 0 dilations and inserted a tablet. At 9 am the nurse did a quick check on me, only 1.5 cm dilated so my gynae gave the order to insert the second tablet and there's on and off a light contraction. The entire time I was so hungry and keep asking for food, after they serve me the breakfast when to walk up and down at the labour ward, also to do squat and hoping that it can enhance the dilation. 1 pm, the gyn came down by himself and did a cervix check on me still 1.5 cm and immediately put me on oxytonin IV drip and every hourly the nurse will increase the dosage of iv drip by 30%. So the entire time till 7 pm, I've been experiencing mild-strong contraction pain and all I did was to practice what I have learned during antenatal class if there's a pain I must do this certain breathing exercise to cope with pain & it works. 

7 plus pm they transferred me to the birth room & I was so happy thought that my cervix at least dilated to 5 cm and can give birth anytime soon because they didn't check on me or burst my water bag after insertion of iv drip. The nurse checks on me, its 1.5 cm still, and she called my gynae to inform and shortly my gynae call me and say it has been more than 16-18 hours & need to do a C-section ( He told me beforehand if I want to induce even if water level is ok, 2 tablets & iv drip within 16-18 hours cervix don't want to open need to C-section). I told him I want to try and wait to see how before C-section so he's okay with it.

So my gynae came about 8 pm, did a quick check on me and it's only 2 cm without telling me he burst my waterbag since then I was in great pain for 2 hours before he came to check on me. I was trying my best to concentrate on the breathing technique but it was too painful and I started crying, hold or grab my husband hand tightly and he feel pain. So in the end, husband say better go for C-section cause he can't bear to see me suffering the pain and I was asking for epidural already but since we decided to go for C-section (Because I was so in pain that I think my body is in distress), I bear the pain even the nurses offered me other kind of pain relief but I rejected it. It's like I'm going for C-section I do not need any other pain relief.

10.15pm, I was pushed to OT to get my spinal injection because I can't tolerate it anymore the and body was really very stress from the pain. Less than 5mins, the spinal injection take effect and phew I can't feel anything just no more pain. Was so drained by 22 hours of labour & all I did was to lay down there, even the anesthetist talk to me I do not want to talk and also the side effect of the pain killer kick in too! My face started to itch, felt nausea and shivering non-stop. 

10.30 pm, my gynae came and perform a C-section on me & I can feel that he's cutting me also the tug and pull sensation but totally pain-free. My beautiful daughter is born at 10.40 pm, I heard her first cry, my husband was so excited and keep saying that she looks like him. Immediately I asked my husband does she have alot of hair or little hair? I don't know why but I have been wondering and very concern about her hair through out my pregnancy because I wanted to buy this comb for her if she has little hair like me then why to bother to buy comb cause I have nothing to comb too.

Even though it's unplanned, but daddy & mummy never ever regret in making this decision & we are proud to have you! You're the best damn thing that happened to us :D

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