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Feeling the excitement and nervous that baby is coming! ... Jessica Wong

EDD was supposed to be on 11 June. 2 weeks before EDD's checkup, the scan estimated weight was 3.6 kg! As my #1's birth weight was 3.7 kg, Doctor does not want me to have another big baby (might hit 4 kg) in case of complications like emergency C-section (which I don't want!) He recommended to induce 1 week earlier (at week 38+). The doctor ordered me to go on "diet"! Boo-hoo! And I was planning to have chili crabs and sambal stingrays Zhi-char dinner enjoyment! My plans all dashed! 
Sunday night 31 May time for bed: I started to feel strange aches. Slight and little aches but very very bearable. Does not have such aches before. (#1 was totally induce as well, as he was so comfortable in my womb) So excited about the new feelings I have that I told my hubby and had our hospital bags ready (just in case it's real!) I was waiting for the next "wave" to time it that I couldn't sleep... Waiting and waiting. 2 am already... Fed up.. Finally slept.. Then about 5 am, I woke up to the feeling of aches again... Sleepy but excited! I waited for the next "wave"... Nothing came.. A day came and passed, no aches no pains... 
Monday night 1st June time for bed again: Got the slight aches again! This time round, I'm so tired of waiting, I just go ahead and slept. Not wanting to let baby #2 ruin my sleep like waiting for #1. Nothing happens again! 
Tuesday morning 2nd June, time for the "last checkup"! The estimated scan weight was 3.4 kg! The estimation really not accurate, unlike #1's time. During the scan, doctor mentioned baby's head is still down, the cervix has opened already! And I mentioned the aches I have been having during nights to him, he said it's time, can go delivery! To report to the hospital tomorrow morning 7.30 am! 
Wednesday 3rd June: Feeling the excitement and nervous that baby is coming! Reached hospital 7.45 am, after a quick breakfast at McDonald's! We were sent to delivery level 2 by a very polite concierge. Hubby was sent to admission counter while I was whisked to delivery suite 15. By 9 am, changed into the hospital gown, strapped on for fetal heartbeat & contractions monitoring, water bag was broke, on the IV drip and checked for dilation- 1 cm only. The doctor says I might deliver during lunchtime! (So fast?!) Slight contractions felt soon but bearable. Pain getting stronger and stronger as the med was increased. The pain was getting unbearable (hubby's hand gonna be ripped off soon) so I finally asked for the epidural at 11.30 am, after bearing pain for 1.5 hours. (#1 I bear the pain for 3 hours). 3 cm dilation only. 
This time round even after administering the epidural, I still can feel the pains. I was told they wanted me to feel the pains for the baby's sake so they can monitor better in case of any emergency. Oh well, poor hubby's hands and arms! By 1 pm (my usual lunch time) I was hungry and tired and in pain. I asked for food or something to eat so later I will have the strength to push. Nope. I cannot eat anything! Even water has to be sipped small sips only. T_T So I told the baby to please come out now! Mommy's hungry and needs to eat! Please come out fast fat!! 
With epidural, 6-7cm dilation! (So fast!) The nurse said the contraction is very regular and helps the dilation to be fast! By 2 pm plus, nurses came and check again! She said it's time!! OMG! So fast!! Really that fast...?! Nurses came in and out to do the last final preparation on me and the procedure. 
By 2.30 pm on third push, the baby was out!!! (Comparing #1, the delivery took almost 12 hours. This time, it's half the time!) The stitching, cleanup etc, took longer and I only reached my ward about 4.30 pm. 
The first thing I asked was can I have some food, please? :D
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