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Having Isaac kicking strong and crying loudly at birth was a relief for me ... Vivienne Ong

Isaac is my very precious godsend gift as of most parents. It's only after 3rd pregnancy that I managed to have my first born. To me I was extra careful when I had him in me, I watched my diet and every little thing that I do. The whole pregnancy was quite a nerve wrecking one for me having lost 2 babies at week 8. 

Every month my Gynae's visit was nothing but anxious and to know that after every ultra sound the boy is growing strong and big is a big relief to me. My husband is very encouraging throughout the pregnancy and even to date where taking care of the baby is the concern.

Isaac was born on 38 weeks of my pregnancy. I was told my baby's head has not engaged during that weekly check up and so I was taking my own sweet time thinking that maybe he will be a full term baby. Little did I know, after my midnight snack when I was about to turn in for the day, my water was broken. And off we go to the hospital in the wee hours.

I had an 18 hours labor. When admitted at 3 am on a Sunday morning, I was quickly amended by my Gynae, DR WK Tan of Thomson Medical Centre whom I find her very dedicated to all her patients. An experience Gynae too. She's already in her 60s I think. She told me I was only 1cm dilated then. The pain level wasn't that bad as contractions didn't happen till I was asked to induce at about 1-2 hours later. 
Even after oxytocin drip and induction, my cervix refuses to burgle and remain shut. I was asked by my Gynae to do an emergency C- Section. It was devastating to know as I have always imagined a natural delivery process where I don't see myself as a candidate for C-section. With all the risks, I know of via C-section I never hope for it to happen to me. With my mother having 3 kids via natural delivery, I thought this will never happen to me & I was forever ready to push my baby out.

I opted for a spinal epidural as I know that my husband can witness the birth of the child. He was very encouraging thou I was tearing when my Gynae told me that I have to take C-section for fear of infection since water was broken for 18 hours already. 

Through out the operation process, I was shivering very badly due to the side effect of the anesthetic. And when my boy was taken out, I was still laying on the operation table for another hour or so, which at least was how long it felt like... while my Gynae sewed me up.

Even it was not my choice of delivery, having Isaac kicking strong and crying loudly at birth was a relief for me. Today, he is 90% percentile during every check up for his weight and height. I am praying every day that he will grow up stronger and healthier than the day before. That will be my greatest wish!
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