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Mark was too comfy in my tummy and he was overdue by a week ... Meiyan

Ever since I was pregnant with Mark, my instincts have been quite accurate. I dreamt of his gender and his name when I was 2 months pregnant with him. Therefore I trusted my instincts that I may give birth to him earlier too. I took 3 weeks of leave before my due date and in the end, Mark was too comfy in my tummy and he was overdue by a week.

My Gynae at raffles hospital arranged for an induction at 41 weeks. It was a long tedious wait of 13-14 hours before he decided to come out. Even though I opt to have epidural, my birth was quite a painful one to me. The midwife decided to lower my dosage of epidural when I was 9 cm apart so I could feel the contractions to push the baby out. I remembered my sister told me she felt completely no pain while on the epidural and this was when I thought to myself, when am I going through this pain. Haha.

But the thought of seeing baby Mark makes me excited and I use all my might to push him when I was fully dilated.

Doing the skin to skin contact really makes me feel wonderful as a new mum and seeing my newborn was so rewarding and fulfilling!

I thank God that my baby is perfectly healthy, born big and adorable.
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