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C-section is not as bad as I heard from words of mouth ... Leza Rosle

Elaiza means precious and Aatiyyah means gift. Elaiza Aatiyyah is our rainbow baby. Precious gift from God to us. I was diagnosed with right tubular ectopic on 12 March 2014, had an emergency salpingectomy as I was bleeding internally. Losing a child is never a pleasant experience but I am grateful I have hubs who supports me mentally and physically. 
Exactly 80 days after the surgery, I was surprised with AF being late as it is always on time every month. I knew I had some pregnancy test kit hanging around in the bathroom cabinet. BIG FAT POSITIVE! and the ride of my life begins then.

We went for a viable ultrasound as a precaution to my previous pregnancy. For the first time, I saw Elaiza's heartbeat at 7 weeks. Tears of joy stream down my face. No words could explain this ectopic survivor's feelings. Me and hubs had travel plans ahead of us before I got pregnant but we just went ahead. I had sciatica when we were in Bangkok, but that did not stop me from shopping around and most importantly, staying healthy. My first trimester was a breeze with no morning sickness. I took care of my diet well, busting the myth of 'eating for two' and I only started to gain weight when I was on my 16 week, the MO was quite concern on my 'slow weight gaining' as she is worried the development of the foetus. 

At 22 weeks I had episodes of cold sweats and giddiness, I was told I had low blood sugar level. they diagnosed me as Gestational diabetic as my body was not able to produce enough insulin for my body. I was confused and I did a lot of research on gestational diabetes and with the support from family and friends especially my hubs, I changed my diet and my blood sugar level is under control.

As weeks went by, I saw the changes in me, the kicking, the hiccups and definitely my growing baby bump, the more excited I was. At 38 weeks I was told by the MO that I have to be induced as its KKH protocol for GDM, reason why being was to decrease the rate of still births. I agreed to the induction.

I was induced at 38 weeks 5 days. they inserted the prostin tablet vaginally at 11.30 am on 27 Feb 2015. I was feeling contractions at 3 pm and I walked through it to get myself dilated faster. Contractions were getting more intense by 8 pm and I was wheeled to the L&D, sadly I did not dilate at all, they inserted another prostin at 11 pm and waited in one of the rooms at the labour ward. At 8 am they checked me and I only dilated to 1 cm and they inserted another prostin in at 11 am on 28 Feb 2015 and I was told if I have no progression I will need to have a C-section. Surprisingly I can tolerate the contractions, I did not ask for any pain reliever. I did try the laughing gas but did not rely on it. 

1 March 2015 at 8 am, 48 hours of serious contractions, I was still 1 cm, I decided to have the C-section instead of inserting another prostin. At 11am I was wheeled to the OT, kissed my hubs before I enter as KKH does not allow the spouse to be in the OT. I was given a spinal block and minutes after I felt zero sensation from the chest below, I was relax, I was ready to meet my baby. After a few tugs and pull, at 11.31 am I heard Elaiza's first cry. I cried, for 39 weeks I carried her, and finally I can hold her in my arms. I was shocked on how big Elaiza was, as the sonographer confirm her weight ranging 2.6-2.8 kg. We were expecting a small baby. I kissed her and they wheeled Elaiza to the ward while I was stitched up and proceed to recovery ward. I was wheeled to the ward after close observation, there it was the first time I held Elaiza and breastfeed her. it was a moment full of happiness. 
C-section is not as bad as I heard from words of mouth. it was a pleasant experience for me. and it doesn't make me less of a mother. After 24 hours, I got out of bed moments after they took out my catheter, and breastfeed Elaiza with no problems. And recovery after being discharged from the hospital was great, I did not take any painkillers as the pain is minimal and tolerable. Part of it, Hubs was super helpful attending to Elaiza. I feel really grateful for I have my own small happy family.
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