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I cannot describe the joy I had when I first saw her ... Gladys

The good news came in July 2014, I was about 3 weeks pregnant. We were both very excited and delighted, as this is our very first time going to be daddy and mummy.
We scheduled an appointment with Dr Lee (he is my sis and aunt's gynae). He is a very friendly and steady gynae. Being our first time, we tend to have a lot of questions to ask, Dr Lee is very patient and detailed in answering all of our questions. He always assures us everything is fine but if there is a problem he quickly acts on it and solve the problem. I did feel nausea in the first trimester and I dislike a lot of food like fish, fishcake, rice, vegetables. I love all the junk food! 
However, my appetite went down, i ate much lesser than before. I don't want a cranky baby so I try my best to stay happy and not be stressed up. Second trimester is heaven, I no longer feel nausea and I can sleep and eat better. I have unlimited energy to do a lot of things. At week 20, my placenta is quite low so there may be a chance I cannot deliver naturally. However Dr Lee ensures that it is still very early and the placenta will still go up. By the time I reach third trimester, my feet swell and my hands and feet are so itchy that nothing I apply can stop the itch. No choice but to bear with it till i give birth. At week 35, my placenta went up, I can have natural birth! I started to feel worried as there's still no sign of delivery at week 38. I talk to Trixie everyday, ask her to be good, to come out before week 40.

5 March 2015 6 am, my water bag burst when I am still in bed. I immediately went to the toilet to confirm. After confirming, I woke my hubby up and I proceed to shower. My hubby then drove me to the Mount Alvernia hospital. The nurse then sent me to the delivery ward to change to hospital gown and check for dilation. While waiting, hubby went to style the necessary paperwork and payment. The midwife came to check for my dilation and I was only 1cm dilated. Dr Lee came shortly and advised me to stay for one night to wait for contractions to kick in. And if the cervix still doesn't open much, I will need to be induced on the next morning. So we proceed to Our Lady's ward to stay for a night. I didn't really feel any contractions throughout the day so I ate and rest as per normal. The next morning (6 March 2015) 8 am, I went back to the delivery ward to check for dilation. 
Still 1 cm.... so I was induced. I think mild contractions kicked in but it wasn't painful as its only 5 min apart. Trixie was sitting on my nerves, my thigh and back were quite painful. So i got down to walk hoping the pain will go away. Well it doesn't help so I just have to bear with it. At 1 pm, the midwife came to check my dilation again. I think baby is not ready to come out yet cuz it's still 1cm dilated only. She then proceed to inform Dr Lee. She came back and said Dr Lee wants to speak with us so he will come by shortly. I think must be C-section option as water bag already burst for more than 24 hours. Dr Lee came and ask if I would like to go ahead for C-section as he do not think the cervix will open much within the next couple of hours. 
I see no point to induce again and wait so I agreed to have C-section. Dr Lee then chop chop request for an anaesthesia and I was wheeled to the operating theatre shortly. I chose epidural as I want hubby to be inside to witness Trixie's arrival. While I went in, hubby was asked to go change into hospital gown. Before I was injected with epidural, I was wiped with antiseptic lotion on the whole of my back. The injection is pretty alright not much pain. After awhile I feel my thigh abit numb and the feeling is like thousands and thousands of ants crawling. Epidural doesn't really work fast on me and I shivered quite badly (shivering is one of the side effects) so I was given another injection that will let me sleep for 15 minutes. Very fast, I went to sleep. 
When I woke up, Trixie was placed on my chest. She was out at 14.55 hours. Oh my, I cannot describe the joy I had when I first saw her. As I wasn't 100% concious, I vividly remember we took a family photo together and I went back to sleep while Dr Lee stitched me up. She is such a lovely little girl, mummy and daddy finally gets to see you at 39 weeks. Yes she was born exactly on 39 weeks. The C-section wound is bearable and I was able to get down to walk on the second day.

Under the good hands of Dr Lee, I had a very smooth pregnancy and delivery. 

Trixie is 3 months old now, thinking back on the whole process, all the pain is worth! No pain no gain!
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