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From that day onwards, every day is like a waiting game ... Sher Lynn

My second pregnancy was quite a smooth sailing with no signs of morning sickness and I could eat and sleep well at the beginning till Week 35 when the baby was in a low position and my gynae has advised me to bed rest as baby may come out anytime from now. From that day onwards, every day is like a waiting game and we are really looking forward to baby's arrival anytime. We were expecting the baby to come out around Week 37, based on experience from my first pregnancy. However, the baby is still happily staying in the same good position after each weekly scan. 
Baby's weight gain has started to accelerate from 2.9 kg at Week 35 to 3.5 kg at Week 37.There was still no signs of labour at Week 38. Gynae has recommended going for induced labour as baby's size is getting big and I might have difficulty to go for normal delivery. After much consideration, we decided to go for induced labour on 11 Apr 2015.

We reported to the hospital in the morning and gynae did a check to see if there are any signs of baby coming out. To our surprise, my gynae told us I'm already 3 cm dilated and is ready for labour today. There is no need for me to go through any labour induction. We were happy that baby has decided to arrive today. We immediately reported to the delivery ward and get ready for labour. 

I do not feel any contractions pain till 7 cm dilation and the pain became excruciating. There was no time to administer epidural and I would have to bear the pain for baby's delivery. Luckily the contractions duration to reach 10 cm was less than 30 minutes and our baby boy arrived safely around noon time. I'm glad the whole delivery process went well and completed within 2 hours.
Thereafter, time passes quickly seeing our little one growing healthily each day is a blessing. We were happy that everything went well and we're looking forward to growing with our 2 children in the journey ahead.
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