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I could hear the nurses count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ... 10 and repeat the counting process ... Sharon Yuan

Jarryl Liao is both our best birthday present my hubby and I could ever wish for! We have planned a baby for 5 years. Thinking of having In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) as our last straw. Our gynae also told us to be patient and I took the vitamins and folic acid she prescribed. We didn't wait for too long before the good news came in three months later when I got pregnant. This was indeed a wonderful news for our immediate family. 
The first trimester is the most crucial period where I was informed by my mother to take good care of my health. No wearing of heels, carrying of heavy stuff and avoid cold food/ drinks. We announced to our friends and relatives after first trimester. My first check up was in the six weeks where both my hubby and I heard his heartbeat. The feeling is so amazing, I knew this baby is going to be with me for the next 10 months. At week 39, there is still no symptoms of contraction and during my weekly gynae visit. 
My understanding with gynae is to wait till 40 weeks before going through induce labour. Chances I would have to undergo C-section in the event that cervical dilation less than 3 cm. She mentioned about the pros and cons of c-section and natural delivery. At week 40, I was scheduled to admit Mount Alvernia hospital at 8 am for inducing labour preparation. The night before, I was very excited and extremely nervous. In fact, I couldn't sleep the whole night and got up from the bed at 6 am to bathe and get ready. At about 8.30 am, I change into the hospital gown and induce labour to begin. My gynae came in about 9 am to burst my water bag. 
My contractions slowly kick in around 9.45 am and I could not bear the contraction pain and ask for the epidural jab. After which, the epidural jab was given and it numbed the lower part of my body very quickly. A catheter was inserted but I didn't feel any pain. After 8 hours of waiting, my gynae decided to let me deliver through emergency C-section as my dilation less than 3 cm. In less than 30 minutes, I was in the operating theatre. Due to emergency C-section, my hubby was asked to wait outside the operation theatre. After minutes of pulling and tugging but totally no pain at all. 
Jarryl finally see the world at 6.15 pm. Nothing could describe my feeling when I heard his first cry. I felt so relieved that I shed my first tears of joy. After he was partially cleaned up, the midwife carried him and placed him on my chest for less than one minute. I could hear the nurses count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ... 10 and repeat the counting process. Later did I realised, she was counting the little fingers and toes. When Jarryl was pushed out to first meet my hubby to do the basic test to check his weight, height, basic well-being, etc, my gynae proceeded to stitch me up. The imagination to hold Jarryl in my arms keep me awake even I am exhausted. I was in the resting corner for 10mins before the nurses wheeled me to my ward. 
My hubby was in the ward waiting for me and told me Jarryl will be joining us soon after the nurse bath him. In the meantime, I ask the nurse for some light food as I am famished. After 30 minutes of waiting, the nurse wheeled Jarryl to my ward and this is the first time I held him in my arms and took our first family photo. The pain from the C-section wound was bearable with the epidural jab. I was asked to sit up and walk around on the third day. We are very grateful to everyone who sent in their well wishes and gifts
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