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Although I had a difficult labour at the end of the day, my bundle of joy was finally born ... Jennie Lim

My EDD was said to be on 3 May 2015, however my obstetrician think that I will go beyond my EDD, therefore, arrange for me to be induced on the 7 May 2015. Until she's back from her leave in the meantime a replacement doctor was arranged for me on standby in case I gave birth when she still on leave. On the night of 4 May 2015 around 9 pm, the contractions started. As usual, I thought it was just false contractions similar to what I had previously felt for the past 1 week. 
However, my water bag burst and I started leaking amniotic fluid. Therefore went to KKH labour ward past midnight. Was attended by the night shift staff there and the Dr on shift confirmed that my water bag had burst but however my cervix was not dilated at all. Therefore, the consultant in charge decided to wait for my replacement doctor to induce me in the morning.In the morning of 5 May 2015, the doctor came to check on me, cervix was only dilated to 1 cm, therefore, she induced me. 
Due to the contractions was in great pain. At around noon time the doctor came back to check on me and found that my cervix is still not dilated therefore a 2nd tablet for inducement was given to me. I opted for an epidural at 5 pm due to the intense pain. I had to put on the 3rd drip for another dose of inducement due to the cervix slow opening. After more than 24 hours of labour on the 6th May past midnight finally Baby Jayven was born. Although I had a difficult labour at the end of the day, my bundle of joy was finally born.
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