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I literally coughed my baby out of me ... Sabrina Toh

Baby Shi Qi is only expected to arrive in the world on 11 June 2015. I had made plans to start my maternity leave from 29 May 2015 onwards and was really looking forward to the 2 weeks of rest before she officially comes. Due to the flu season, I caught the flu and cough virus from my colleague and was really ill from the start. I coughed badly and had to be on the bed at the start of my leave. 
On Saturday, 30 May 2015, I was surfing the net with my iPad when I had coughing fits. The coughing fits made me want to pee so I went and relieve myself in the toilet. The coughing keeps continuing and I coughed very hard for one last round to try to make it go away. Upon then, I realised water began to drip and what was dripping wasn't my urine! I could not control the water that was leaking. 
Anxious, I texted my best friend and she told me that my water bag might have leaked! I was all alone so I quickly messaged my hubby to inform him that my water bag is leaking and I need to go to the hospital. 
I quickly had a quick shower and took the hospital bag I prepared. My dad drove over and I demanded him to drive through McDonald's so I could have a fish burger before the delivery. I met up with my husband at the hospital and was ushered into the delivery suite to prepare for labour. It was about 7 pm on Saturday. 
Being in the delivery suite was quite nerve wrecking as this is my first child. There was no pain for the first few hours and the midwife prepared me by saying that the dilation was only 3 cm and they target that I would be delivering in the morning at about 7 am.That is 12 hours of being in the delivery suite! Wow. So, my husband and I were happily watching the shows on TV and the nurses/midwife asked if I would like to have the epidural. 
As I wanted to try to have a natural birth and to understand the pain, I said no to the epidural. From 11 pm onwards, the REAL pain started. That is when I started to feel the contractions and I could not take it. I wanted to give in and asked for epidural but my husband stopped me! 
At that point of time, I felt like I could murder him. I endured till 2 am and the midwife checked that I was already 10 cm dilated. She was shocked and kept commenting that this was a really fast labour. However, panic was all over the place as they could not find my gynae and the midwife told me to stop pushing and to relax so that we can wait for my gynae. 
However, I really could not take it and I pushed with all my might at every contraction. Hope arrived at 3 am on Sunday, 31 May 2015, when my gynae came in! Within 10 minutes, Shi Qi was out!! That was pretty fast. 
I am so glad that she was alright and we had skin to skin contact the moment she was out and she latched. I am so elated that everything went well.
Oh, and now, I am telling everyone that I actually coughed my way to labour, so I literally coughed my baby out of me! Haha.
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