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The next thing I knew, nurses were preparing for delivery ... Pearly Yap

Little Zander decided to come out early at 39 weeks and 3 days, 28 May 2015. EDD was supposed to be on 1st Jun. Went to see gynae on 27th and he says my fluid was low so have to be delivered within 24 hours. But I wasn't even dilated yet. Was told to check in 12 midnight at Mount Alvernia, so I reached there about 1 plus and was told to go delivery ward straight. 
Just nice that night is so quiet. So nurse set up CTG monitoring for 1 hour. Then a pill to start my dilation. Afer 1 hour, was given another pill for clearing bowels. Was told to sleep after that. Around 5 am, a cup of milo and biscuits were served. By 6 am, nurse came in set up CTG again. 
Almost 8 am, gynae came n see that it's 3 cm dilated. He burst my water bag and say I will deliver by 3 pm. Was told that I can't eat anything from now onwards. Nurse set up glucose drip to feed the baby. The nurse started to inject some medication and told me, my pain will start soon. Up till then, I still have no pain just some backache. 
Then the pain came in at 9 am, slowly with laughing gas I was able to endure. But as time goes by, the pain interval getting closer and stronger. I was like biting my own finger already. At last at 11 am, I can't stand the pain anymore so request for an epidural. It was like heaven after that. 
I felt so relief after that as the epidural was quite strong, I feel numb from my butt onwards. The next thing I knew, nurses were preparing for delivery. Gynae came in at around 12 pm to check and said "ok, we are ready for delivery". 
So after 4 pushes, baby Zander was born :) Afer effect of epidural, I was shivering, vomiting, groggy and having a fever. Glad everything is over. :) 
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