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Free local shipping on orders $80 and up

Pigeon Straw Bottle Kurutto

by Pigeon
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color: Animal
Straw Bottle Kurut Dinosaur

If you can drink straws!
"Straw Bottle Kurut" perfect for going out

● Perfect for going out With a large capacity of 330 ml, it is perfect for going out! You don't even need to add more.

● Easy to clean The wide-mouthed bottle that easily contains a sponge and the simple design with few parts make it easy to wash and easy to disassemble and assemble.

● Easy to use A hood that allows you to easily open and close the straw by simply turning it.
With a mark that makes it easy to see the correct position for putting in and out the straw.
As it is a rotating hood, it does not get in the way when you drink it.

● Abundant lineup We have bottles with cute illustrations and simple color bottles.