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MAM Oral Care Rabbit Teething Glove

by MAM
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  • Gently cleans baby's mouth before the first tooth appears and designed to be used from day one
  • Massages sensitive gums and can even reach back areas
  • Intuitive finger shape of the teething glove is flexible in size and appeals to babies while distracting them from teething
  • Helps babies get accustomed to a regular teeth-cleaning routine
  • Made from special and extra-soft materials for baby's safety and comfort

Product details

Paediatric dentists and midwives agree - baby's mouth should be cleaned regularly from birth not only to remove bacteria, but to gradually get them accustomed to a regular teeth-cleaning routine. That's why we developed the MAM Oral Care Rabbit to gently clean baby's mouth before their first tooth appears.

With the MAM Oral Care Rabbit's special microfibre ears, parents can already clean inside baby's mouth from the first day. The ears are designed to remove plaque and bacteria and to massage sensitive gums - even the back areas can be reached! It also has an intuitive finger shape that appeals to babies while distracting them from teething.

This innovative teething glove is made of soft materials, making it ideal and safe for cleaning, cuddling and playing with baby. Aside from helping lay the foundation of early oral care, the soft texture of the Oral Care Rabbit makes babies comfortable having their mouth cleaned right from the beginning.

Together with other MAM products, the MAM Oral Care Rabbit Teething Glove is scientifically-proven and developed in cooperation with the International Children Medical Research Society (ICMRS), pediatricians, developmental pedagogues and midwives. Only after the approval of our experts is a MAM innovation truly ready for baby life.

Additional Information

How to Use
Use the MAM Oral Care Rabbit Teething Glove to clean baby's mouth, to massage sensitive gums and to reach back areas.

Best Used With
To ensure babies get used to a regular oral hygiene step by step, use the MAM Massaging Brush (for 3+ months), the MAM Training Brush (for 6+ months) and the MAM First Brush (for 6+ months).

What's Included
1 x MAM Oral Care Rabbit Teething Glove

Technical Information
Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 14 x 22.5 cm
Item Weight: 36 grams
Shipping Weight: 41 grams


When should I start cleaning my baby's teeth?
Oral hygiene starts when a baby is born. Use the MAM Oral Care Rabbit to clean your newborn's mouth and to get them used to a daily oral hygiene habit.

What is the fabric composition of the teething glove?
It is a combination of cotton terry (80% cotton + 20% polyester), microfibre (83% polyester + 17% nylon) and knitted lycra (84% nylon + 16% spandex).

How should I clean the MAM Oral Care Rabbit?
Before first use and at regular intervals after that, wash the MAM Oral Care Rabbit with warm water. It is machine washable up to 40 degrees Celsius and it can be tumble dried and ironed at a low temperature. The glove can also be sterilised by steaming, boiling or microwave steam sterilising. However, sterilising may shrink the glove or discolour it slightly. Do not sterilise in cold water, dry clean or bleach.

Are there materials used to make the teething glove that can harm my baby?
No. All materials used conform to EN71 regulation, which is the European safety regulation for toys.

Is this product safe for my baby?
Yes. Together with other MAM products, the MAM Oral Care Rabbit is free of BPA and BPS materials.

What is BPA?
BPA or Bisphenol A is a requirement in producing plastic polycarbonate, which is used to make things like food packaging, plastic tableware, baby bottles and baby cups.

What is BPS?
BPS or Bisphenol S is a compound of BPA.

Why should I be cautious of BPA and BPS in the products I use for my baby?
Studies may not yet be complete, but researchers believe that BPA gradually breaks away from the plastic and gets into the body, resulting in health damage. As BPA in baby products are banned in Europe, all MAM products are made of BPA-free materials in accordance to Regulation (EU) No. 321/2011.