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Dressing Your Bump

Dressing Your Bump

Dressing your baby bump can be loads of fun but it can also be a little awkward, especially during the early stages of your pregnancy when you just look like you’ve put on a little weight. Here are some pointers to help you overcome your dressing challenges.

The challenge: What kind of clothes can I wear to camouflage the few pounds gained?

Suggestion: Wear body-skimming clothes, from dresses to separates. Avoid tight, clingy outfits. Stick to silhouettes that flow over the belly and hips like soft knits and A-line skirts.

The challenge: You’re not ready for maternity wear. You’ve filled out in some places but your bump is barely there. What kind of clothes should you wear?

Suggestion: If your bottoms still fit, you can get some maternity tops. Get ones that can be used beyond pregnancy to nursing. (All of Spring Maternity’s clothes can extend from pregnancy to nursing and beyond.) These will usually hide the bump well and fend off questions about a possible pregnancy, especially for mums who would rather keep their pregnancy a secret until after the first trimester. If your legs feel tired, wear compression leggings for better blood circulation. With the Zika outbreak, you may also want to consider clothing that have been treated with mosquito-repellent technology such as those from Spring Maternity’s Mozzie Defence collection.

The challenge: How should I dress so as to look elegant and not dumpy?

Suggestion: Avoid flared dresses. Shifts lend you an elegant silhouette and are also better at hiding your bump. Dress up a look with longer blazers rather than short one as they will do a better job of covering what you don’t want shown. Maxi dresses are also a favourite among many pregnant ladies. They are comfortable, pretty and are a welcome change from pants that are getting a little too snug.

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