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8 Breastfeeding Tips To Get You Started

8 Breastfeeding Tips To Get You Started

Breastfeeding may be a natural act but it takes practice to perfect it. Here are some tips to make nursing go smoothly

Getting the right latch is key to breastfeeding successfully. 

1. Set up a breastfeeding area. You can do it on the sofa, bed or a rocker. 

2. Be well supported. Use pillows to support your back, arms and elbows. Some mothers use a u-shaped nursing pillow to rest their babies on. 

3. Hold the baby close to you. His mouth and nose should be facing your nipple. His belly should be touching yours. 

4. Encourage a mouthful. He should have not just the nipple but also the areola and a good portion of the breast in his mouth. However, his tongue and not his gums or lips should be on your nipple. Get him to open his mouth as wide as possible by tickling his bottom lip with the nipple.

5. Gauge your success. When your baby is latched on successfully, you’ll feel a gentle pulling sensation on your breast, rather than a pinching or biting sensation on your nipple.

6. Vary your routine. Experiment to find a comfortable nursing position. (Tip: Alternating breastfeeding holds helps avoid sore nipples).

7. Don’t watch the clock. Your baby has had enough if your breast feels softer and less full after the breastfeeding session. Other signs are the sounds he makes while feeding. You can also count his wet diapers: About 6 wet and 3 dirty diapers in 24 hours means he’s getting a good amount to drink.

8. Take care of your nipples. When you bathe, minimise the amount of soap, shampoo and other cleansers that might make contact your nipples. If they are dry or cracked, use purified lanolin after each feeding to soothe them.

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