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The moment my gynea arrived, he sat down and told me to push ... Rebecca Khoo

On the 23rd February, it was the 5th day of our Lunar New Year. I was at a dinner gathering with my group of friends and we were all looking forward to my due date on 10th March, discussing how great it would finally be to meet my little one!

Come the next day, it was my routine checkup with my gynea at the clinic and I told my gynea that I started having slight and irregular contractions over past 2 days. He was a little concern and did a check. Indeed, my cervix has opened by 2cm.
I was then arranged to have a more detailed check on the following day, 25th February, at my gynea's primary clinic in Gleneagles where all the required equipment is available. I arrived for my appointment at 10 am and did a contraction monitoring check for 30 minutes. The graph showed that I was having constant contractions and my cervix have opened up slightly more at 3cm. 

My gynea immediately arranged for me to be admitted. By 11.30am, I was already lying in the labour room, getting ready for labour. As then, I did not feel any pain at all. I was lying on the labour bed, still using my mobile while my gynea told me he will check on the opening of my cervix. And the next thing I knew, I felt warm water tingling down my thighs. I then knew that my gynea had my water bag burst.
I was offered to take a shower before the entire labour begins and I did just so! At around 1 pm, I was back on the labour bed and got started on drips. I was feeling absolutely fine and was still using my mobile and watching television while waiting for my husband to arrive as he went back office to settle his work. My husband arrived by my side at around 3 pm.

I got checked on every 15 - 30 minutes by the nurses since I started the drips. The nurses at Gleneagles came into the room each time asking me for the level of pain that I'm feeling. I was advised that should I be in pain, I have options of taking laughing gas, painkiller injection or epidural. However, my plan was to go for a natural non-epidural birth.
At around 3.30pm, the pain slowly kicked in and got worst at each contraction. Seeing that I'm feeling the pain, the nurse gave me laughing gas to inhale to ease the contraction pain. However, the pain became more intense when my contraction timing got tighter. 
At 4.25pm, I requested for a pain killer jab and was given at my thigh. With that, I felt more relax and was still able to have conversations with my husband. At around 5.50pm, the nurse checked and realise that my cervix had opened up to 9cm! They quickly inform my gynea to return while they prepare all the tools for delivery.

While the nurses are busy preparing, at each contraction, I felt that my vagina opening up with a force pushing by itself. And so I alerted my husband and the nurses to hurry. The moment my gynea arrived, he sat down and told me to push. Within 4 pushes, I felt something slide out and more warm water came flowing down my thigh. There it is, my little princess is born! Right at 6.30pm sharp, she came into my life!
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