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Epidural was like the happy-dural for me at that point .. Shirryn

My girl was born past her due date of 40 weeks and 4 days, right on the first day of Chinese New Year. She definitely wants to be a sheep baby! After reunion lunch, I checked into TMC for her to be induced so that I do not need to go back for CTG scan every other day during CNY. 
I wanted a natural birth, as much as possible but I was not hard up on myself as I told myself as long as I tried my best and baby is healthy, nothing makers. The first 12 hours was bearable, with hubby and me watching the countdown show on TV and me dancing to the songs from the show to ease contractions. 12 hours after the 3rd pill was inserted, I started to feel really bad contractions. 
At about 3 am, I started to feel really terrible, like the worst period cramps on earth happening to me. I asked to be on epidural at 3 am and guess what, they had to do another CTG scan before they could call the anesthetist and administer the epidural. I just focused on my breathing techniques and was so proud that I didn't scream at all but was in great pain and grabbing the rails of the bed as I breathed. I was pushed into the delivery suite and didn't really know what was happening and wasn't given any other form of pain relief until the epidural was administered at 6.30 am. 
Totally regretted not asking for it earlier, kept scolding myself for wanting to be a hero mama. Epidural was like the happy-dural for me at that point. I could immediately fall asleep and realized how tired I was and didn't notice when the nurses and my gynae were walking in and out checking on my dilation. When my gynae came to check on the for the 2nd time at 9.30 am, he said I was ready to push. I immediately woke up and got so excited I'm finally going to see my little bubs in just a few moments. 
The pushing went on smoothly and I managed to push my little girl out in less than half an hour. The moment when she came out and her fragile little body was placed on my body, I stared at her and that moment was like a miracle happening in front of me.
My only thought was that I can't believe I made this human being in me. I latched her immediately and she managed to latch and it was the most natural thing that just happened. When my girl was born, a mother was born too. I thank the heavens for the healthy little princess I have today and the joy she brings to all of us every day.
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