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The heaviest of all my newborns! ... Jaime Chan

Caleb is my fourth baby. We had 3 beautiful kids and was happy to stop at that and we thought the family was complete. but we were blessed unexpectedly with another bundle of joy. as with my other pregnancies, my nine months plus of pregnancy was smooth flowing. I continue with my daily activities, did my weekly pre natal yoga and traveling with 3 kids under 6 when I was 8 months pregnant. 
The most daunting challenge for this pregnancy was it was middle of my house moving and renovation. My family had to move twice as we were waiting for our new home to be renovated. Besides that most of my second trimester, I was busy with overseeing the renovation of our new home and purchasing of furniture. 
During the final trimester, I was busy unpacking at the new home especially with the new arrival I need to make sure it all done before his arrival. And the family took a break and my final babymoon and brought all the kids and the bump to Bali for a rest and relaxing trip. I asked the baby to stay in the womb past 38weeks (all my other kids came out at 38 weeks plus) as I wanted to watch my older kids mid year performance and the baby obliged! 
And obliged when it was 39wks, baby shows no sign of coming out and the doctor says perhaps I would consider inducing as I am already full term and I could be delivered very fast. I hesitated as I don't really want medical intervention. so I waited for until one Sunday morning, I had some leakage but it was not a water bag burst. it was a hind leak. 
However, as there may be a risk of infection, I decided to go into labour ward to break the water bag. 
On 14 June 2015, my water bag was burst at 1 pm. as there were no signs of contraction pain, I was given oxytocin to induce labour. Even after higher dosages of oxytocin, at 3 pm I was not feeling any pain. the gynae instructed for an even higher dosage and at 3.40 pm I started to feel contraction pain. By 4 pm I have the urge to push even when the gynae hasn't arrived. 
Within 25 minutes the baby was out! I am thankful that all in all the labour pain was just a mere 1 hour! And have a healthy 3.71 kg baby in my arms! The heaviest of all my newborns!
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