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I didn't realise it come earlier than we expected ... Franciska

My hubby is currently posted in overseas for his work assignment for a year when I finally find out that I'm pregnant with this 2nd one. Even we are planning for this year baby goat (same zodiac with me), I didn't realise it come earlier than we expected. So, for this time of pregnancy, most of the time I'm alone during the gynae check up and to take care my elder son which is also very sticky to me. 

During my 33 weeks, I'm having my bloody show and gynae check that I'm 2cm dilated and need to be hospitalised for 2 nights and given 2 lung jab just in case baby out pre-term. From then on for about 3 weeks I need to be on bed rest and on oral medication.

Surprisingly during my 38 weeks, everything still okay even though gynae said my cervix already thin. I'm worried that I might deliver anytime especially when my hubby not around. 
So, when I feel that the baby will be coming out soon, I ask my hubby to flight back to SG (he only have 2 weeks leave). When my hubby is around, my body feels so fresh and I didn't even feel the pressure on tummy etc. It's already about 12 days he's here and I already do a lot of squats, walking, up and down the stairs and still no labour sign. On the check up on my 39 weeks, gynae said everything still in good (still a lot of water, etc) and baby still not in an engaged position, so not likely will be out soon (left with 4 days hubby in SG). 
We joke to the gynae that my hubby will be back to overseas without seeing the baby born and wasted his 2 weeks leave. After hearing that, gynae said he will check on my dilation and he said already 3 cm and he stretches it out for it to be easier to get dilated. So he said if we are okay with inducing, he will burst my water bag. After discusses with hubby, seems like it's a better decision for us since the baby also already in 39 weeks.

At 2 pm after lunch admitted to labour ward. gynae come at 2.30 pm to burst the water bag at 4 cm dilation. At 2.50 pm they make use of the epidural and by around 4.50 pm i start pushing. 5.25 pm the baby is out without any assistance!! ;) 

Such an unexpected journey as its different journey from my 1st one.
Happy that everything went smoothly and safe delivery with hubby around.
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