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The fire drill baby was out with vacuum assistance at 2.40pm ... Feline Sun

I did my regular checkup on Monday, 23 Feb and it should be the last visit gynae before the EDD. My gynae asked when would I like the baby to come out since there wasn't labour sign. I replied that if he can wait till 28 Feb since it is the last day of Feb and significant. He said fine but I have gone for CTG at Thomson medical on EDD, 26 Feb. I agreed, however after discussion with hubby. We felt that going for CTG on 26 Feb, it is another cost so decided to go for inducing on 26 Feb night.
We went back to see the gynae on Tuesday, 24 Feb evening to do another scan and inform him that we decided to get admitted on 26 Feb night for induc[on and skip that CTG. The gynae was agreed to meet at tmc on 26 Feb night, then he asked me to lie down and do an ultrasound. After the scan, he said that amino fluid is low and better get the baby out soon. He requested me to get admitted that night but I haven't prepared, so we asked to extended till the next morning. He said 8 am, I replied that too early as we would like to settle the elder child in school before I go deliver. The gynae scolded us if we want to throw dice see win or lost. He said to meet at 10 am, tmc.

On 25 Feb 2015, we reached tmc at 11 am. It was late due to settling elder child and drive the wrong route. My hubby went to park his car and I was in the lobby, saw a notice on fire drill. What a day! Hope he comes out before the fire drill. After my hubby meets up with me, we are directed to the delivery ward at level 2. I don't remember much during my first child, I went to the delivery ward with a few labour room. The elder child was induced at 12 am and delivered at 2.30 am. I was hoping this time wouldn't be as long as previously. People said subsequent birth would be faster. Anyway, I was assigned to labour room 9, I was thinking 9 meant wait long long in Chinese.

The doctor came in to break the water bag for me at 12 pm and he told the nurse to check me again at 2 pm. There was no feeling at home after the induce till 1.30 pm then I called the nurse in. She checked it was 2 cm. After this check, I feel having like menses cramp. The pain came in. Called the nurse in again, she asked if I need pain relief. Yes, please pass me the gas. I took the gas and the pain went intermediates. It went so painful that I have the urge to push the baby out. I shouted and pushed while on gas. I remember vividly that I called my hubby to call the nurse and phone my mum. 
After this pushing, I was awake then I ask my hubby if the baby is out yet. He replied "no." I touched my tummy, still having the big bump. Oh no, waste energy pushing. The nurse then came in and told me it is 4 cm. The pain continues and I continue to use the gas till 2 pm, I think.  
Then the doctor came in and checked that it is 8 cm. It was so painful that I kept screaming and yelling for my beloved mum. Some memories flashing in front of me - my wedding day when I walk down the aisle with my hubby, faces of my Mum, my late grandparents and my lovely 4 years old daughter. I shouted Giselle, didi is coming out. The doctor told me you are not pushing but shouting, push, do you need assistance. I signed "ok" with my hand. He then vacuums out my baby. I remember that he scolded the nurses "concentrate, don't change shift all went off and see Firedrill. The fire drill baby was out with vacuum assistance at 2.40pm.
I waited for 15 minute at the labour ward before sending to my ward as the lift was not working due to fire drill.
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