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It was never an easy process but we are very grateful for the new addition to our family ... Catherine Lim

On 21 Apr 2015, my hubby and I visited the gynae as per norm. I was hoping that there will be a dropped in baby’s weight as per the previous visit, she has gained 500 gram over a course of 1 week. I was worried that I might not be able to deliver her via natural birth.
To my excitement, she was 100 gram lighter and I exclaimed to hubby “Yeah! She is 100 gram lighter.” And my gynae whom overheard me had to dash my happiness by telling us, the machine only gives an estimation usually will be off by 100 to 200gram. So there is nothing to be excited about the loss of 100 gram. As I was in my 39th week, my gynae asked us on the spot if we want to give birth tomorrow via induction. Which means being admitted to the hospital that very night. We weren't prepared for that when he threw us that question and decision has to be made. My gynae somehow sense our uncertainty and told us to go for a coffee and get back to him later on our decision. 

Upon leaving the consultation room I was feeling both excited and nervous. I made a few phone calls to my mum and mother in law and decided to just go ahead with delivering the baby the next day.

That very evening, we checked ourselves into Thomson Medical Centre. Admission was a breeze and next, I found myself lying down with equipment strapped onto my tummy. It's the beginning of the long wait.

On 22 Apr 2015, I was placed in the labour room and my gynae broke my water bag and shortly the contraction pain came. I remembered clearly my girl friend told me to request for an epidural before the pain kicks in but I endured till after 3 hours of wait when the pain was getting worst. 
I was astonished that upon my request for an epidural, the nurse actually handed me an indemnity form to sign on, whereby they have listed all the side effects of having an epidural administered. I hesitated upon seeing that long list but went ahead with it as the pain was getting worst and I know I will ask for it sooner or later at the rate the pain was going. 
After a long 11 hours of wait, my gynae informed us that the baby’s head was stuck and I needed an emergency c-sect to deliver the baby. At that moment in time, I was feeling all panicky and cheated as I was not mentally prepared for a c-section after such a long wait. But I guessed situation doesn’t permit for any more delay. Thus a c-section was performed on me.

We officially welcome our little bundle of joy that evening via emergency c-section. It was a quick and painless process but you can feel the blade running thru your tummy and the pulling and tugging when baby was pulled out and of course the stitching. You have to go through it to know what I meant by its painless yet you can feel what they were doing to your tummy. After all the delivery drama I was really glad that the baby was delivered safely and indeed she came out with a relatively big head, no wonder it was stuck, there was even a round mark on her head upon delivered. The recovery process after the c-section was not entirely painless but was able to get off the bed to do a little walking on day two.

It was never an easy process but we are very grateful for the new addition to our family. 
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