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My tears kept trickling down but for the sake of my baby, I had to stay strong ... Hafidah A. Hamid

I had my last appointment with my gynae on 6th Apr before my EDD on 9 Apr and was told that my baby's weight was estimated about 3.5kg. I was also advised to induce early due to the increasing of my baby's weight.
On my EDD, I started to have frequent contrac]ons in the early morning for about 2 hours. I went to KKH and was informed that I was 1cm dilated. I had my first prostin induced at 1 pm, warded at 3 pm and subsequently and had my 2nd prostin induced at 10 pm. The whole day I was walking around and squatting as advised by my gynae.

The next day, My cervix started to dilate more and my contrac]ons happened once every 2mins. I was pushed to the Delivery Room, took epidural, my water bag was burst by the doctor and oxytocin was added but my cervix was still small thus unable to have a normal delivery. I started to have a fever and my gynae advised to have E-Csect.

Early morning on 11 Apr, I was not mentally prepared for E-Csect especially when my husband could not be my side in the operation room. My tears kept trickling down but for the sake of my baby, I had to stay strong. I went through the operation and my healthy huge baby boy arrived! Despite being fragile and weak after the operation, I lost all thoughts of pain after seeing my adorable baby and thanked God for the most amazing kid!
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