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Dr Buds Organics: Natural and Safe for The Treatment of Sensitive Skin

Dr Buds Organics: Natural and Safe for The Treatment of Sensitive Skin

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Looking for a natural skin care and hair care products? Free from harmful chemicals? 95% natural ingredients? Buds Organics might have something that suits your needs.

Buds Organics to the rescue

Buds Organics is a Malaysia-based brand that provides organic baby care products. Buds Organics basically covered everything from cleansing to moisturizing, they even have a collection dedicated for home care and baby utensils (check our complete article for Buds Organics here). So don’t worry, babies and mums, your go to parenting hub (that’s Bove!) has most of the things you need for organic and natural skin health care.

You can see our Buds Organics collection here.

Dr Buds Organics, for your consideration

If babies and children have challenges with sensitive and dry skin, then what about the adults? Acne, eczema-prone skin, hair loss, and dandruff; you name it. If you’re worried that the products in the current market contain harsh ingredients that can cause undesirable side effects for the long-term, then you should consider trying Dr Buds Organics products.

Why? Because Dr Buds Organics goes back to the basics, and takes the best of what nature has to offer. Dr Buds Organics products features natural ingredients used back in the days when chemicals were not yet invented; now brought together in the most effective way to calm irritation, relieve itch, heal, protect, and eventually strengthen your skin & scalp.

Dr Buds Organics collection

Their products also have been certified organic by ECOCERT.

So... Buds Organics or Dr Buds Organics?

It depends your needs. Dr Buds Organics is one of Buds Organics collection, that focuses on dealing with adults’ skin & scalp health. No need to worry, their products have gone through the same research and assessments, and also the same organic certification standards from France, UK, and Malaysia.

Dr Buds Organics products

So what are the Dr Buds Organics products, let’s take a look.

Acne Rescue

Dr Buds Organics Acne Rescue collection

Acne, as we all know, is a common skin condition. Hormones, medications, life style choices, stress, pollution, and cosmetic products are among the main causes. Dr Buds Organics Acne Rescue set is a complete set of products that will help you manage this in a simple and effective way.

First, the Acne Rescue Mild Cleanser. It’s a gentle and hydrating cleanser that helps to fight the acne-causing bacteria. It consists of Totarol Extract, along with Tea Tree Oil, working as natural anti-bacterial agents; together with Aloe Vera Extract, Fructan, and Vitamin-E to ensure skin remains soothed and hydrated.

One of the many causes for acnes is actually over production of sebum and a build-up of dead skin cells, together with bacterial invasion. Acne Rescue Sebum Control Gel helps to manage this issue. The excess sebum is absorbed by Plankton Extract, while Totarol Extract and Tea Tree Oil ensure that acne-causing bacteria stay away. The Licorice Extract is used for anti-flammatory, while Willowback Extract provides further soothing, exfoliates dry skin, and helps to renew skin.

Lastly, some spots just need extra bit of effort to tackle, and Acne Rescue Control Cream is the way to do just that. Along with Totarol Extract, Tea Tree Oil, and Willowbark Extract; it has anti-oxidants Olive Leaf Extract and Vitamin-E to protect against harmful radicals.

Easy-Clear Rescue

Dr Buds Organics Easy-Clear Rescue collection

Besides acne, eczema is also a skin condition that requires mild and gentle treatment. It can be exacerbated by dryness. Dr Buds Organics Easy-Clear Rescue products will soothe irritation and inflammation, protect, heal, and renew the skin.

Easy-Clear Rescue Soothing Cleanser uses the hydrating properties of Organic Aloe Vera and Fructan to ensure the skin keeps the moisture.

Easy-Clear Rescue Intensive Cream then comes into play, by treating skin areas severely affected by eczema. Its Spent Grain Wax reduces the skin’s reactivity while Shiso Leaf Extract helps normalizing the over-reactive immune system. The Organic Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Sesame Oil form a natural protective and moisturizing layer to prevent excessive water loss.

Lastly, Easy-Clear Rescue Soothing Lotion will help to protect the skin from future attacks, and strengthen the skin to able to manage eczema well. Its Organic Inca Inchi Oil helps the skin recover from irritation and also strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.

Dandruff Rescue

Dr Buds Organics Dandruff Rescue collection

Oily scalp, dry skin, stress, infrequent shampooing, and even sensitivity to hair care products are possible causes of dandruff. Dr Buds Organics Dandruff Rescue is here to help.

Dandruff Rescue Soothing Shampoo is formulated with clinically-proven natural anti-dandruff active Sodium Caproyl/Lauroyl-Lactylate with Ziyphus Joazeiro Bark Extract and powerful anti-bacterial Organic Tea Tree Oil. It relieves itchiness, controls dandruff problems and restores the scalp to a healthy condition.

To soothe your scalp, use Dandruff Rescue Soothing Conditioner. It can also keep dandruff away and nourishes your hair. Luxurious organic plant oils and Shea Butter deeply moisturize, revitalize, and add natural shine to your hair.

Finally, complete the treatment with Dandruff Rescue Soothing Scalp Serum to prevent future dandruff invasion. The serum is also powered by Olive Leaf Extract and Vitamin-E, which serve as anti-oxidants, protecting the scalp from harmful radicals that induce irritation.

Hair Loss Rescue

Dr Buds Organics Hair Loss Rescue collection

Thinning hair or hair loss is a disaster. Many people try different treatments to overcome this, but ended up with worse conditions. Dr Buds Organics Hair Loss Rescue helps to reinvigorate hair growth and improve hair thickness, along with maintaining a healthy scalp.

Hair Loss Rescue Soothing Shampoo starts this treatment using Amino Acid and Sugar-derived cleansing agents. It boosts hair growth and thickness with Lepidium Meyenii Extract that is dense in Amino Acid, vitamins, and minerals. Organic Aloe Vera Extract is added to promote and hydrate a healthy scalp.

To support hair growth and further promote healthy scalp, use Hair Loss Rescue Soothing Conditioner, with Virgin Coconut Oil to reinvigorate the scalp and Shea Butter to moisturize the hair.

The last step is using Hair Loss Rescue Soothing Scalp Serum to nurture scalp and fuel growth. Natural anti-oxidants and plant proteins will protect the scalp from harmful radicals that can cause skin irritation while strengthening the hair.

Where to get Buds Organics products in Singapore?

Though Dr Buds Organics product are not yet available here in our stores, you can always get your complete set of Buds Organics collection at Bove by Spring Maternity Singapore.

You can order online (go here if you want to see what we have in store first), or you can pay us a visit at Wisma Satria 435 Orchard Rd, #01-31/32 (Google Maps). Feel free to call us at +65 8686 0778 or text us +65 8600 7716, we’d be more than happy to assist you.

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