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Free local shipping on orders $80 and up

Unimom Store & Feed 50pcs

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With the Store & Feed Adaptor & Spoon, food can be directly be feed from the spoon.Be it milk or food, pour straight into the bag via the wide neck and seal it. When needed, use the nozzle or screw to be use on the spoon.

Made directly to store breast milk from your Unimom breast pump straight into these large capacity bags. They take up less space and make storing or transporting breast milk easy and efficient. Baby can be fed directly from the bag by screwing the Unimom bottle top onto the adapter with a standard narrow neck teat inside.

  • BPA Free
  • Simple Storing and Feeding
  • Attachable spoon
  • Easy storage
  • Convenient design and usage
  • Freezer Safe
  • Easy to Close and Open
  • Self Standing