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Tips for Coping With Leaky Breasts

Tips for Coping With Leaky Breasts

At some point in your pregnancy, your breasts may start leaking a thick yellow liquid. This could happen as early as the first three or four weeks of pregnancy, although it is more common around the end of the first trimester. Others have leaking from the breast during the second trimester and as the delivery date draws closer.
This is normal and is nothing to be alarmed about.

What is this fluid?
Known as colostrum, this fluid contains a high amount of protein and less sugar and fat than breast milk and is the first milk your baby will get. In the first few days after you give birth, your breast will produce colostrum for the baby. After that, your body will begin to produce transitional milk and two weeks later, mature milk.

6 things you can do:

1. Use breast pads. Use disposable beast pads inside your bra to absorb moisture.

2. Change your breast pads regularly. Change your breast pads when moist to prevent having the odour of dried colostrum

3. Use cotton maternity bras. Use a lightweight maternity cotton bra for sleeping, for greater comfort.

4. Avoid wearing any of your favourite shirts or blouses as you wouldn’t want them to be stained.

5. Don’t express colostrum by your hands until after baby is born. It is best to learn from a nurse or a lactation consultant how to express milk and store it safely.

6. Don’t worry if breast leaking during sex is accompanied by uterine contractions. This is not a sign of premature labour.
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