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Sex In 3rd Trimester

Sex In 3rd Trimester

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As you move closer to your delivery date, your concerns about making love may increase. Here, we answer your queries.

Is if safe to make love in the third trimester?
Yes, you can continue to have sex right up until your water breaks as long as you are having a normal pregnancy.

When is it not safe to do so?

It is not safe if:
*You have placenta previa, a condition where your placenta looms in front of your baby’s head.

*Your membranes are ruptured. Once your waters break, the mucus plug guarding your cervix goes. This can expose you and your baby to all sorts of infections. Stop having intercourse and call your doctor immediately.

*You have a short cervix or a history of premature labour, having previously delivered a baby before 37 weeks.

*You are expecting twins or multiple babies. Twins can arrive early, so your obgyn may warn you against having sex late in your pregnancy.

*If you have bleeding or foul-smelling discharge after sex, tell your doctor right away. Discharge may be a sign of infection that can travel upward to the uterus, and bleeding may be a sign of a problem in general.

How will my sex life change?
Weight gain, back pain and swollen feet may dampen your enthusiasm for sex. Your large belly may make it difficult for you to find a comfortable position. You may prefer to try other ways to be intimate with your spouse.

Can sex harm me or my baby?
Your baby’s head drops during this trimester, and this can create pressure and discomfort during intercourse. Lovemaking also releases oxytocin which can trigger off contractions in late pregnancy.
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