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Sex In 2nd Trimester

Sex In 2nd Trimester

Sex, That Loving Feeling

If you were turned off by sex in the first trimester, a settling of your pregnancy symptoms may cause you to be more turned on in the second trimester.

What Might Happen

1. Heightened sexuality. During the second trimester, a surge of hormones can significantly boost your sex drive, making this one of the best times to have sex.

2. Increased arousal. Your husband may be particularly turned on by your blossoming body.

3. Waning Desire. Not all women are interested in sex at this time. You may also experience libidinal fluctuations.

4. Leaky Breasts. If your husband is handling your breasts and nipples, that may cause a little fluid to come out. This typically begins in the second trimester.

5. Intense Orgasms. An increased blood flow to the genitals and an increase in the production of oxytocin can make orgasms intense.

6. Get Creative. While most are considered safe, you can experiment with the ones that best accommodate your growing belly. If using the missionary position, wedge a pillow under you so you’re tilted and not flat on your back, and make sure your partner supports himself so his weight is not on your abdomen.

7. Troubling after-effects. It’s normal to feel some cramping during or just after intercourse or orgasm, but if it doesn’t go away after a few minutes, or if you have pain or bleeding after sex, contact your doctor.
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