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Preparing for Baby's Nursery

Preparing for Baby's Nursery

As you prepare your home for baby’s arrival, putting together a comfortable and cozy sleep area is essential.

Whether they are brand new items or hand-me-downs, do remember to give them a thorough wash or clean, and check their condition before use.

Bove Tips
During the initial weeks, your newborn may not be able to differentiate between day and night, so do be patient. Here are some ways to encourage better sleep – for both baby and mummy! 
  • Observe baby’s sleep patterns and look out for signs of sleepiness
  • Place baby in the cot when drowsy, not asleep
  • Put baby to sleep on his back. Ensure there are no blankets, pillows or soft items that may cover baby’s face and head 
  • Encourage night time sleep with a consistent bedtime routine
  • Set the room for sleep: A quiet and dark room at a comfortable temperature (25 ° for air conditioning)
  • Soft background music or white noise can help to soothe baby
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