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Pack Your Hospital Bag the Stress-free Way

Pack Your Hospital Bag the Stress-free Way


The one question we get asked a lot is what to pack in a hospital bag? It’s absolutely exciting to start packing your bag but it can be daunting too for first time parents who are not sure what to pack!

We suggest to start packing your bag at the start of the 3rd trimester so you are prepared way ahead of your EDD. To get you started, here’s a guideline to help steer you in the right direction. These suggestions are also based on recommendations from the many mommies we’ve had the pleasure to interact with. 

For mom:

  • Important documents - Identity card, marriage certificate (to register your child's Birth Certificate at the hospital), birth plan, admission documents.
  • Clothes – Most, if not all hospitals would provide you with the hospital gown but you could always bring your own set of clothes for your discharge from the hospital. Main thing to remember is to pack one with nursing access so you can feed your baby with ease. Do pack a cardigan or a thicker jacket.
  • Slippers – Packing your favourite comfortable bathroom slippers might be a good idea for when you may need to walk.
  • Nursing bras  – An absolute must so that you can feed your baby easily. Choose one that is not wired and comes with a fuss-free fasteners to release the drop cup nursing access. The bamboo cotton ones will be ideal as they are super soft and breathable and will gentle on baby’s skin. Pack 3 - 4 sets.
  • Breast pads – Once your milk comes in you might experience some leakage as your breasts learn to regulate their milk supply in accordance to your baby’s needs.
  • Sanitary pads – Most hospitals in Singapore will provide you with sanitary pads but if you’d like to, do pack maxi pads as you will need to change them regularly.
  • Disposable panty – pack a disposable panty that gives you the right amount of support without all the extra pressure. You will need one that will hold up the sanitary pad well. Spring Maternity’s disposable pad is hospital grade and can last up to 20 washes. Soft, seamless and comfortable.
  • Compression socks
  • Essential toiletries
  • Breast pump – the hospital will loan you one and the lactation consultant will guide you on pumping, latching and feeding the baby. But if you prefer to learn with your own pump, you can bring it along to get familiar with it.

For baby:

  • Diaper bag - Invest in a good quality diaper bag as you will find yourself needing one for at least up to the first 3 - 4 years of your child’s life. There are many choice in the market but look for one with water resistant exterior and includes a portable changing mat. Compartments should be your next best friend as they help to make your bag more organised and shorten the time for you to look for the item you need.
  • Diapers – most hospitals will provide you with a pack or two newborn diapers. But if you have a preferred brand or type of diapers, you can pack your own.
  • Baby clothes – pack soft cotton separates preferably with a side tie or easy snap on fastener buttons.
  • Baby mittens and socks
  • Hat
  • Baby swaddle
  • Baby blanket
  • Car seat  to take your baby home

As a one stop megastore, Bove by Spring Maternity is stocked up on all your baby needs including your diaper bag essentials. You can head down to the store centrally located at Suntec City, #02 - 728 or shop online via Sign up as a member to enjoy a 10% off regular priced items!

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