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June #BoveMom Feature - The Fit Mom, Victoria Lim

June #BoveMom Feature - The Fit Mom, Victoria Lim

Each month, we will be featuring inspiring moms with #BoveMom. Our June #BoveMom is Victoria Lim, @thepinksoldier. Victoria is an inspiring fit mom who's rocking her squats at 36 weeks! We had a chat with her on what keeps her motivated and the importance of maintaining your fitness while pregnant. 

Why is keeping fit important to you during pregnancy? 

It has been a daily routine for me before pregnancy and I have formed the habit of heading to the gym or doing something active outdoor on weekends. However, I make the extra effort despite the fatigue during pregnancy because I did not want to put on excessive weight and I wanted to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Working out also made me feel refreshed and gave me more energy for the day. 

What are your personal go to workout during pregnancy?

My favourite workout for pregnancy has to be my weekends 5km brisk walks in the morning as it is my me-time with myself and baby. I also continued my daily morning routine at the gym which consisted of light weights for strength, pilates, yoga and lots of stretching. At home, I will work out with barre Youtube videos and dance to my favourite Zumba videos. All these exercises are safe and like what I would advice all mothers – not to try something new if you have not done it before pregnancy. Listen to your body and just keep moving in your own way. 

How do you keep yourself motivated? 

I always have my eyes on a goal which helps to keep me motivated and determined. I am excited to see the end-result and see little achievements over time. Also, I think having pretty active wear makes me feel good about myself especially when it is comfortable, good fit and stretchable for maternity as it is very rare to find maternity active wear that will fits well. After all, mothers need active wear too! As long as it looks good, it motivates me to work out.

How maternity wear have changed your mind after discovering Spring Maternity?

Initially, I always thought maternity clothes are a waste of money as I thought since I will be wearing it for such a short time, why should I invest in so much money when I can just wear loose and baggy clothes. However, when I first tried Spring Maternity, I was surprised by its functionality. Firstly, it was not only for maternity but I can use it for nursing after birth. I was impressed with the many functions available to help nurse my baby at ease and comfort. It is definitely worth investing because besides using it for maternity and nursing, it looks perfect for a normal outfit.

Victoria's active wear and casual pieces are from Spring Maternity. Check out the collection here.

Follow her fit journey on her Instagram, @thepinksoldier.
This blog post contains Vicotria's personal fit journey and expectant mothers should always check with their doctors before exercising.

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