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7 beach and pool essentials for babies and toddlers

7 beach and pool essentials for babies and toddlers

Living in sunny Singapore means that we are blessed with the opportunity to take our little ones outdoors pretty much all year round. The thought of having sand in your toes and the sound of waves crashing is pretty delightful. With a baby or toddler in tow, it's good to prepare yourself beforehand.

With that, we've round up our favourite and best-selling beach and pool essentials. 

1)  Sunscreen

We can't start off this list without some good 'ol sun protection for those delicate skin. Young, sensitive skin is especially vulnerable to damaging rays, so protect your child with sunscreen.

Avoid sunscreens with any other ingredients other than zinc oxide as the only active ingredient for babies under 6 months old. Use clothes and hats as the main protection for babies. It will be best to keep them under the shade. For toddlers and children, here are some sunscreens to consider.

2) Sunglasses


Protect your child's eyes from harmful rays as the skin around the eyes are vulnerable to it. Besides acting as a protective shield, sunglasses add up as a super cute fashion accessory for your little fashionista! Check out our selection.

3) Swimwear


From fancy frilly swim shorts to full suits to buoyancy vests, the options are endless. Some swimwears are equipped with materials to keep your toddlers warm and include SPF UV protection. We've selected some cute pieces here.

4) Swim diapers


Reusable cloth swim diapers or disposable swim diapers? The former is eco-friendly and cost-effective and the latter is convenient and hassle-free. 



5) Insect repellent


Being outdoors means that you might have to deal with some pesky mosquitoes and unwelcomed insects. We would recommend natural products to protect your little ones not just from the pests but from any harmful ingredients that may be in some repellents.

6) Swimming aid


There are many options to help your little ones float in water. From floating vests to armbands, the options are plenty. 

Do bear in mind that although these products act as a floating device, adult supervision is essential at all times while your child is in the pool or sea.  


7) Water play


The best way to beat the heat is with some water play. Toddlers are easily mesmerised with water and here are some toys they can play with. 



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