5 reasons to invest in maternity bottoms

September 06, 2018

5 reasons to invest in maternity bottoms

Do you really need maternity bottoms? Here's a quick round up of why you should invest in a few key essential maternity pieces even though you may think you won't have to.

1) Comfort, comfort, comfort

If there's one thing a pregnant woman might desire most with regards to her clothes, it will be comfort. You may think that you can still make your non-maternity pants work and wing it. But winging it up until the last trimester might cause you panic when you wake up one day not being able to fit into any bottoms.

You may start needing pants designed for maternity when you are at the second or third trimester if you are smaller size. You don't have to sacrifice function over fashion with the array of sleek work pants or casual shorts available.

2) Support

Support is key for your growing belly. You may not realise it yet but it will get heavier too. With the right type of waist band, you will receive added support with minimum pressure on the belly. Choose between an under belly or over belly waist band for your needs. The over belly bottoms will be ideal for second trimester and up when the belly is bigger. You even have the option of over belly ones that can be folded to an under belly waist band.

3) Maternity bottoms will grow along with you

Equipped with an adjustable band, the bottoms are designed to accommodate your growing belly. You can even wear them postpartum, making your investment even more worth it. You can tighten the adjustable elastic waistband and you can keep loosening the elastic when you need to. The bottoms will hold well since the adjustable elastic holds the trousers on your hips and they will not loosen as you walk.


4) The "hair tie through buttonhole trick" will not last throughout your pregnancy

There will be a time when a belly band or a hair tie through your buttonhole will not work on your growing belly. A flattering pair of maternity pants with elastic waist band will look good even with a tight fitting top as it will not show an awful bulging gaping pants. What's more, a proper maternity bottom will give you a peace of mind that your pants will still intact throughout the day!

5) Ultra stretch and lightweight bottoms will be a lifesaver

An awesome pair of work pants and jeans will be one that is ultra stretch and lightweight. The ultra stretch capabilities will keep you comfortable as your body grows throughout the pregnancy. And we can never say no to lightweight clothing as it keeps you cool.

Investing in a couple of maternity bottoms will save you the trouble of digging through your closet and the stress of not having anything to wear. We love the fact that it will never go out of style and that you can always wear it after giving birth. 

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